Friday, October 17, 2014

Our Brand New Joel Whitburn / Record Research / Forgotten Hits / Comparison Charts Trivia Contest

Yep ... we're doing it again!!!

Joel Whitburn has a brand new book coming out in January that, for the first time EVER, will show the peak position of EVERY record to make the Billboard, Cash Box and Music Vendor / Record World charts side by side!

This new book (called The Comparison Charts) is a MUST HAVE for chart fanatics, record collectors and trivia buffs like me ... so we were THRILLED when Joel told us that he'd like to do another trivia contest and give a copy away to a lucky Forgotten Hits Reader.

Now I know that many of you on the list have already gone out and bought copies of Joel's latest books, each dedicated to the individual charts of Billboard Magazine (featuring The Hot 100 and the "Bubbling Under charts), Cash Box Magazine (and their "Looking Ahead" charts) and Music Vendor / Record World (who also published a "Coming Up" chart ranking positions #101 - 150).

But I ALSO know that if you've made this type of commitment (and financial investment) into this "hobby", you, too, can't wait to get your hands on this brand new, all-in-one volume!

And it is for THOSE fans that we have especially designed this Ten Question Trivia Contest.  (I'll warn you ahead of time that these are NOT easy questions ... and you may need to consult all three books to properly determine your answers ... but that's the plan, man ... to reward one of those faithful Record Research junkies with Joel's brand new "Comparison Chart" book the minute it becomes available in January.

Does this limit the playing field?  Probably ... but the answers ARE out there ... so give it your best shot and let's see how we do.

We'll announce the winner (from all correct entries received) on Monday, November 3rd ... and we'll be accepting entries right through midnight on October 31st.

So give it a good look over ... and then "hit the books"!!!

Good Luck to everyone out there!!!


Good Morning Kent,
Here is my ten question contest with the winner awarded a copy of my upcoming "Comparison Book 1954-1982".  
All questions and answers are taken directly from a combination of data from these Record Research books 1954-1982
Top Pop Singles (Billboard)   
Cash Box Pop Hits  
Hit Records (Music Vendor and Record World)

1.  What Elvis Presley #1 song peaked for 3 weeks / 2 weeks / 1 week on the three major charts?
2.  What late 1960s song missed the top 10 by 1 position, peaking at #11 on all three charts? 
3.  Not too "groovy" -- this song stalled at #3 for five consecutive weeks on all three charts! 
4.  Name the female singer whose first four releases peaked at #1, #2, #3 & #4. 
5.  What New Jersey pop vocal group previously showed two #3 hits as their best in Billboard.  Now they show two #1 hits! 
6.  Previously, this vocal group's top chart hit was a #2 hit for eight weeks.  Now they have two #1 hits! 
7.  What American group had two songs that peaked at #5 - 6 - 7 and #7 - 8 - 9 in the same year? 
8.  What do these words from song titles have in common: Subway / Room / Roof / House. 
9.  Name the teen trio in the 1960s whose song peaked at #94 on all three charts. 
10. This vocal group had ten #1 hits ... however, between their second and third #1's, they hit #102, 103 & 104 with this song.  
You'll have to dig a bit deeper into Billboard's Bubbling Under charts, the Cash Box Looking Ahead book and the Music Vendor / Record World 101-150 book for this last question.  
Remember, the answers are taken from combining the data from the three major music trades as researched in my books listed above.

Good luck to all!

Joel Whitburn