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For all of you who successfully made it thru 12-13-14, we've got a nice-sized batch of Sunday Comments for you to enjoy this weekend!  

You can dig in right here ...  

re:  The Lettermen:  
For a few months in 1987 I was in doowop group and we were in a show with many other local acts that was being shot for TV. Reunion was the star (were the stars?) of the show. The MC (who was also a singer and, I'm pretty sure, the producer of the show) intro'ed them as the Lettermen at one point and the guys stopped the show and said he couldn't do that so they had to re-shoot that intro. I've been trying to remember the producer's name but it hasn't come to me yet. This was done at the Grand Hotel in Anaheim but it turned out that the show was never used anywhere.
Gary E. Myers / MusicGem
Yep, quite a few artists today have be make sure they properly bill themselves (or risk lawsuits from others who hold the rights to the name they themselves used to own or perform under.)  Risky Business to say the least!  (kk)

I enjoyed Sunday's Comments, especially the posted medley that The Lettermen / Reunion did.  I have always liked medleys for some reason. One of my all time favorites is Bobby Vee's 1968 medley of MY GIRL / HEY GIRL.
Yeah, The Lettermen kind of made their mark with their "Goin' Out Of My Head" / "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" hit in '68 ... suffice to say they raised the bar a little bit with that one!  (Maybe that's why I'm so impressed with their latest that combines "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Lady In Red" ... another PERFECT blend of songs and style.  (kk)

And this from one of our Lettermen prize winners ...

Thank you so much! We saw the Lettermen (or whatever version thereof) when they appeared with the Plano Symphony Orchestra a few years back and loved the music but loved the video montage they did of all their TV appearances even more.
Rich Klein  

Hi Kent, 
Well, like everything that you do via Forgotten Hits, The Lettermen piece was great. 
Interesting that whole thing about definitive versions of songs. 
I have heard the Lettermen's version of The Way You Look Tonight, but don't remember hearing it at the time it was popular. 
The version that I heard a lot was the one by Gerry and the Pacemakers ...
For some reason I think it was the flip of Girl On A Swing?
It got lots of airplay in my part of the world.
I don't think I've ever heard it on an "Oldies" channel.
I guess they'd have to not play a Steve Miller, Journey or Cougar song to make room though.
Gerry and the Pacemakers' version of "The Way You Look Tonight" WAS on the flipside of their "Girl On A Swing" single.  I don't show that it ever charted ... here or back home in Jolly Ol' England ... so I'm surprised you heard it at all.  (I've never heard it before ... but it's not bad ... something about that blend of perfect harmonies by The Lettermen, however, that really makes this one work for me.)  Thanks for pointing it out.  (kk)

>>>Pure and simple, I admire the Lettermen but coming out of that genre they just don't compare to The Vogues.  "Magic Town" remains one of the most underrated love song in music history. "Magic" is a tune that resonates with sadness unfulfilled desire:  "They told me the streets were all paved with gold but these dirty sidewalks are grey and concrete cold."  I had the good fortune to emcee the Vogues at the Chicago Theater seven or eight years ago. They were nothing short of magnificent. Still featured the same lead singer and high tenor.  Letterman - solid, rock solid ... Vogues - Majestic.
(Chet Coppock) 
Kent -
We’re performing on the 13th for a show here in the LA Area and that's when I will get Jim's signatures and mail out the goodies.  We will be performing on the same bill as the Vogues. Interesting story about the Vogues.  We know them pretty well. 
They are originally from Turtle Creek, PA. and they used to come in and see us whenever we were performing at the Holiday House nightclub in Monroeville, PA. which was an annual booking for us about the first two weeks in December.  We were there every year for at least 15 years. 
Anyway, I’m sure the Vogues heard our version of Turn Around Look At Me, which was an unsuccessful single for us in '62, which was co-written by Glen Campbell and also released by him as a single on Capitol about a year before ours.  His didn’t quite make it either.  What I’m getting at is that after the Vogues'  5 O'Clock World and a couple of other releases they used the Lettermen style to have several successful records (Turn Around Look At Me, My Special Angel).   
Another group called the Sandpipers had some record success sounding like the Lettermen.  The Sounds of Sunshine (Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry) benefited by sounding like us. We got credit for this song because a lot of people thought it was us and we were always being thanked for singing it.  Just a bit of trivia for ya!
Again, thanks, Kent ... I’ll get the CD’s out to the winners well before Christmas.
My Best, 
FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this ad promo for the show Gary is talking about.  You'll note that The Crystals (or some variation thereof!) is also on the bill:

re:  Our Recent Concert Reviews:
Hi Kent -
I really enjoyed your reviews on The Cowsills and The Nelsons.
I hope one day to see them perform!
The Showtime Documentary that you mentioned about The Cowsills ... is that available on DVD?
I always enjoyed their music, especially "The Rain, the Park and Other Things."
I have always been a great Rick Nelson fan, having most of his albums and 45's. It great that his sons honor their Dad with their musical tribute concerts.
And Thanks to Ron Onesti for having all these wonderful performers at the Arcada Theater!
Keep up the GREAT WORK and Merry Christmas to you and your family ...
It looks like the DVD is in pretty short supply ... Amazon shows only one copy available (and its through another dealer) ...
...but you can also download the film through their site for $1.99!  All I can tell you is that you won't be disappointed ... it's a fascinating look into the make-up of this very special family act.  And, if you get the chance to see them, GO!!!  The Cowsills will be part of the 2015 Happy Together Tour ... featuring SIX great artists from the '60s this time around ... The Turtles, The Association, Mark Lindsay, The Buckinghams, The Grass Roots and The Cowsills.  (I'm sure they'll only get a short time in the spotlight on this tour, which means they'll be performing their very biggest hits ... but you'll be AMAZED at just how good they sound.)
As for amazing ... and Ron Onesti ... check out some of the acts he's already got booked for 2015 ... the list will blow you away.  (Scroll down to the bottom of today's Comments Page for a highlighted list!)  ALL good stuff!  (kk)

The Cowsills still singing is great to hear.  I still love the video the guys made years ago when they sat watching their old TV appearances and joking about what was happening at that time of each performance.  I don't think that was ever released, tho.
Clark Besch
I don't think I ever saw that one.  You can find a GREAT Q&A video of these guys (and Micky Dolenz) on YouTube from their appearance earlier this year at The Arcada ... a bit long but loads of fun to watch.  (kk)  
Click here: Micky Dolenz, Cowsills Q and A - YouTube  
(You'll find more on Micky and The Monkees below!)  

Does Bob sing Walk Away Renee in their current show? The Cowsills' cover of that classic has always been a favorite of mine, as well as many other fans. Curious if they still do it. 
David Lewis
They didn't do it the night we saw them but they played an abbreviated set since there were three acts on the bill.  (As it is we still didn't get home till 1:30!)
Next year they're part of the Happy Together Tour which means they'll probably get enough time to sing about six songs - so odds are you won't hear it there either. They did do a very nice version of Little Saint Nick as part of their holiday show ... and we've featured their live version of Good Vibrations before which proves again just how amazing they can sound live in concert. If you have a copy of them doing Walk Away Renee, I'd love to hear it, as that's one of my 60s favorites, too. Thanks David!  (kk)

Sounds like it was a wonderful show, Kent. Here's the Cowsills' cover of "Walk Away Renee."

A WHOLE lotta fun to be sure ... we may have to check them out again as part of the Happy Together Show!  (kk)  

>>>Pssst ... let me let you in on a little secret. The first time I saw Veronica Bennett on our old 16 inch black and white TV, I did what any testosterone driven 14 years old kid would do -  and I did it furiously. Get the point?  (Chet Coppock)    

Ah Chet, you sick perverted puppy. 

That's a good one ... I'm still laughing. The fact that after watching Ronnie on his postage stamp sized TV, he proceeded to commit assault and battery on his junk ... priceless!
Alex V  

Chet is, without a doubt, one "whacky" character.  (Ever since he over-shared losing his virginity to The Grass Roots' record "Let's Live For Today" several years ago right here in these Forgotten Hits pages, we've come to expect the unexpected ... and he never lets us down!!!)  Entertaining stuff, that's for sure!  (kk)    

re:  The Saturday Surveys:  
Regarding Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together," what was posted -- his earlier version of the same tune with different lyrics and titled "Let's Stick Together" -- was not the "Let's Work Together" I played on the radio from 1969 on.  I remember vividly watching Wilbert's Sue single spinning on the studio turntable and wondering if the sockin' percussion at the end of each phrase would knock the tone arm off the turntable!  I like Canned Heat's version, too, which came out almost a year AFTER Wilbert's -- but the raw power of Harrison's recording is truly something else -- especially when you combine Parts I and II.  No wonder Canned Heat chose to cover the tune.  Wilbert deserved a second major hit and this was it -- a full decade after he hit #1 with "Kansas City."

Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"
Yes, Wilberts #32 version from 1969 was the hit ... I was just surprised to discover that this was actually a remake of a song he had written and recorded seven years earlier ... hence the "Let's Stick Together" version that we aired.  (If you want to hear the 1969 version that you're most familiar with, scroll back to yesterday's Saturday Surveys Page!)  kk

Hope you have a great weekend. Noticed today you posted the Animals' version of BOOM BOOM, not the original 45 version. Haven't heard this version before. John Lee Hooker's version from 1962 was big here in OKC.
The Animals had a sizable hit with their take on this song, too ... it peaked at #35 in 1965 (but wasn't released as single back home in the U.K.)  Here in Chicago it went all the way to #18.  (kk)

It's a kick to read the old charts you post and let the songs run out of my memory bank. 
The "side stories" you tell us are really interesting, like pointing out that Johnny Rivers charted the song  "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" a full year before Glen Campbell had his big hit with it  (I am now going to go find the Johnny Rivers version since I never heard it on Denver's KIMN )
Thanks for all the great stuff you bring us, Kent.
Van Dorn
The Moonrakers

I enjoyed Sunday's Comments as usual. The one item that stuck out in my mind, as well as the mention of it in KAFY's survey, was the poster of Floyd and Jerry (the Westfall brothers) during their 1966 song DUSTY. This particular record made our local top 40 radio station's weekly survey. I don't really know or remember how high it got without checking. At the bottom of the billboard shown is listed national distributors for the record. The one shown for OKC is that of Phil's One Stop. That place is no longer around. I have fond memories of that place since I got most of my records there on a wholesale price.
Finally, reader Brian Search mentioned the group Thee Prophets with their 1969 song PLAYGIRL on Kapp. One of those records I thought should have been a bigger hit that it was.
Larry Neal
Yes, we've featured this one a time or two before in Forgotten Hits.  It peaked at #49 in Billboard ... and I agree it should have been a bigger hit.  (kk)  

KSHE-FM  St Louis 
The story on KSHE-FM in St. Louis is amazing!  200,000 watts in '67 when late in the year it switched from classical to underground rock / requests.  Today, it is STILL classic rock!  How about that for a track record??  The story from late '67 Billboard is here below.  Note the story on KXOK (Storz station in SL) as it battles KSHE with Johnny Rabbit (who can be heard Saturday nights on KMOX SL 1120 AM today!). 
I doubt very much that THEY have the survey I am sending to you from their VERY first week on air!  I posted both back and front because it is amazing stuff.  First, a commentary much alike what is in the Billboard article above.  There's a handful of GREAT TSW's on this TOP 95!  Great FH's at #10, #14, #40 (which is AHEAD of the song it impersonates at #43), #48, #50, #51, #52, #56, #64, #66 (Their first 45!), #68, #77, #82, #88, #95, DJ Pick of In Another Land by Bill Wyman.
The fact is that IF you figured every album listed had 10 tracks (That's 25 + 8 picks) and 95 45s plus 6 DJ picks, that would be 431 songs listed on this one chart, that would be almost 22 hours of NEW music they could play daily!  Sounds like a Forgotten Hits dream station!
Clark Besch

re:  This And That:   
First of all, thanks for the Tommy James LP. Answering your reader's complaint that it's difficult to answer your quizzes without Joel Whitburn's books, he's probably right. It does make it easier. However I don't have all of Joel's books. In particular, I don't have his R&B book, so I didn't know right off what Tommy James song appeared on the R&B charts. So what did I do? I researched it online and found the answer. It might have taken five minutes. I don't always agree with Chet Coppock's observations, but he's right about Sonny Charles. Black Pearl is a great song. 

Just listened to Tommy James' "I Love Christmas" CD -- which I had not known before was co-written and co-produced by the incredibly talented Jimmy "The Wiz" Wisner, who has produced and / or worked with everyone from Freddy Cannon, Neil Sedaka, Bobby Vinton and Paul Evans to Tony Bennett, Carly Simon, Judy Collins and Barbra Streisand.  I came close to co-producing a CD with Jimmy a few years ago but unfortunately funding for the project fell through at the last minute.  It was really something, though. to be in the studio with Jimmy, see him casually sit down at the piano and dash off the most amazing runs just for the fun of it.  Tommy must have had a great time working with Jimmy. 
Aside from writing The Searchers' classic "Don't Throw Your Love Away," Wisner also scored a Top 10 hit himself in 1961 as a honky-tonk pianist by heavily shellacking the hammers of a cheap piano and recording "Asia Minor," a rocked up version of Edvard Grieg's "Piano Concerto in A Minor."  To avoid criticism from his jazz-loving friends, Jimmy released the single under the name "Kokomo" first on his own label, Future Records, after ten other labels turned the record down.  As it caught fire, Felsted picked up the master, enabling "Asia Minor" to became one of the biggest instrumental hits of the year.
Tommy's CD, to no surprise, is really quite good -- especially track 9, "It's Christmas Again," on which he joined by three of the original post-"Hanky Panky" Shondells.
Gary Theroux 
As far as I'm concerned, Tommy James' Christmas CD is one of the best of this genre to be released in the last twenty years!  Tommy is in great voice and every track shines.  Others interested in picking up a copy should sample a few tracks ... I really think you'll like what you hear!
(VERY cool that Tommy reunited with his original Shondells for a track ... we ran a story a few weeks back about The Shondells reuniting ... without Tommy ... for some live shows next year ... and I hear that Tommy is putting together an album of "unplugged" arrangements of some of Tommy James and the Shondells' biggest hits, ALSO to be released next year.  Can't wait for that one!)  kk 

Speaking of Christmas music, here's something brand new by Jerry Lee Lewis' niece!!!

Niece Of Jerry Lee Lewis Teams Up With Rockabilly Guitar Great Danny B. Harvey For A Rockin’ New Christmas Album! 
Los Angeles, CA - Annie Marie Lewis hails from one of the most distinguished musical families in history, and the closest thing to royalty America has ever had. As the daughter of vocalist / pianist Linda Gail Lewis and niece of legendary fiery rock renegade, “The Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis, she was dubbed the Princess Of Rock N’ Roll, but it’s her own musical talents that have earned her a worldwide fanbase. This year, the holidays are about to get a whole lot cooler as Annie teams with neo rockabilly icon Danny B. Harvey (Rockats / The Head Cat) for a rockin’ revamp of Christmas classics and soon-to-be favorites. The album A Rock N’ Roll Christmas In The USA will be available starting December 2 on Rockabilly Records, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.
From their romping take on “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” to the bluesy, downhome Southern charm of “Merry Christmas, Baby,” this studio album offers stockings full of holiday cheer and more than a dash of good ol’ American sexiness - just listen to Annie’s ultra sultry take on “Santa Baby.” Alongside these longtime holiday classics are 2 phenomenal new compositions penned by Harvey, “Rock N’ Roll Christmas” and “Hush Lil’ Baby (Merry Christmas),” on which Annie’s vocal absolutely shine.
Harvey has nothing but praise for his Christmas collaborator, “Working with Annie Marie has been the thrill of my lifetime. Not only is she one of most talented singers I’ve ever worked with but she also has pure unadulterated southern Rock N’ Roll searing through her veins making her a force to be reckoned with. With Jerry Lee Lewis for an uncle, Linda Gail Lewis as a mother, Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley as cousins, she is the one and only true heir to southern Rock N’ Roll and rockabilly. Rockin’ is her family business and with this CD she does them proud.”
1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
2. Santa Baby
3. Rock N’ Roll Christmas
4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
5. Santa Claus is Back In Town
6. Frosty The Snowman
7. Deck The Halls
8. Hush Lil' Baby (Merry Christmas)
9. O Come All Ye Faithful
10. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
11. The First Noel
12. Blue Christmas
13. Little Drummer Boy
14. Merry Christmas Baby
To order the CD on Amazon:
To order the digital version on iTunes:

I just found a wonderful Christmas music radio station ...
Fred Glickstein  

Sure would appreciate you adding this station to your mentions ...
Shawn Nagy's SUPER
Los Angeles, CA
Tired of the "same old" oldies?
The Super Oldies catalog consists of over 12,000 tracks from the '50s, '60s & '70s along with vintage ads, jingles, exclusive content and song intros from the artists themselves.
Check it out ... it is the last oldies station you'll need to listen to.
I listened for a little while the other night and heard some things I haven't heard broadcast in YEARS ... including a couple that I don't think I've EVER heard on the radio before.  Definitely worth tuning in and giving it a listen!  (kk)
Hey Kent & family - 
Hope you're all well and enjoying holiday madness.
Last time I saw you, Kent, was at the (disappointing I thought) Rascals concert at the Cadillac Theater in Chicago. We're brothers in beards. I yelled out to you and shouted "FORGOTTEN HITS", with a thumbs up, and we smiled, shook hands, and were promptly swallowed in wave of exiting crowd.  At the gym, I'm always wired with my beloved music, and a few Paul Revere & Raiders tunes came on. Once again I thought of those (I'm not alone in this) who "should be" in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I do this to myself now and then. I love the Raiders' music, and still run sad when a tune comes on, Paul comes up in conversation. So, I thought I'd make a complete ass of myself and think out-loud to Forgotten Hits to see if my brain is leaking before I begin assembling a mighty social media / tweeting campaign.
Rolling Stone magazine (that bit of half ads / half snobbish content ... or Jann Werner for that matter) has its lists of top 500 best rock tunes. Would it not be stunning were the clubbable (and sometimes curiously chartered) R&RHoF were to issue an "official" list of individual rock tunes, say top 500 like RS ... of all time? This might allow some rock luminaries, and their hits (until now unfit for recognition), an opportunity for recognized as deserved? Rolling Stone magazine lists The Zombies' "She's Not There" at #297, of all time 500 top rock hits. The Zombies however, not in the club, of course.
Would we-the-people, in a sincere, dedicated, and substantial effort bring this concept to the "Hall", to Werner and his evil minions, for serious consideration?  The 500 best rock tunes ... EVER. The Zombies, Todd Rundgren, Doobie Brothers, Jethro Tull, Monkees, Paul Revere & Raiders, Carole King (as a performer), Chicago (not yet ... seriously?), and The Moody Blues (stop me before I go on, for God's sake), just might get a bit of recognition they bloody well deserve from the highest "Hall". Seems like fun for everyone, Hall members as well? 
So Kent, have I a screw loose in this matter, or does the effort have any merit in your mind (which I respect tremendously), and fellow readers?
All the best to FH readers and families.
Happy peaceful and healthy holiday and 2015 to all.
-- Ron Kolman
Unfortunately we've tried every angle imaginable to try and get the folks at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame take notice and listen ... but they're just not having any part of it.  THEY know rock and roll and we don't ... that would explain why there are SO many more Afrika Bambaataa fans out there than there are fans of The Moody Blues or Chicago or The Guess Who ... and lord knows Bambaataa's music receives FAR more airplay and has influenced FAR more musicians along the way ... the rest of us simply have to face the facts that we know absolutely NOTHING about music and let these experts go along their merry way.  (Otherwise I'm with ya 100%!!!)  kk  

Kent ... 
I think you'll want to read this article about Bobby Darin.
And here are 10 never before seen pictures of Johnny Cash at San Quentin prison.
Frank B.  

The other day we told you that Chris Montez would be performing at The Winter Dance Party at The Surf Ballroom next month.  Forgotten Hits Reader Tom Cuddy just sent us this news blurb about some of the other things Chris has been up to ... 

The Surf Ballroom shows look really cool.  Would love to hear Brian Hyland sing again and even more, talk with him about the 60's. 
Keep up the good work and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone at FH!!!
Clark Besch

Seems like more and more of our favorite oldies artists are trying to go out in style by way of a "farewell tour" to say goodbye to all their fans, thank them for all their support for all these years, drag out the hits one last time and (ideally) pocket one last big pay day.  (I believe Cher is currently in the 15th year of HER goodbye tour right now!)  Vintage Vinyl News is reporting that Ronnie Milsap has just kicked off HIS "Farewell Tour", with dates extending through next April.  I always like Ronnie's tunes (he started out as a session player on several of Elvis' '70's albums!)  He had 35 #1 Singles on Billboard's Country Chart ... and six of those crossed over to their Top 40 Pop Singles Chart as well.  (His biggest pop hit was "(There's) No Gettin' Over Me" ... which I really love ... but the one that I think will MOST appeal to OUR listening audience is one that failed to make The Pop Chart ... it's Ronnie's #2 Country Hit from 1985 called "Lost In The Fifties Tonight" ... and it goes out to all you "In The Still Of The Night" fans out there!)  kk

The Moody Blues Debut Album 'The Magnificent Moodies' 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition Now Available!  

London, UK - Esoteric Recordings, a label of the Cherry Red Records Group is pleased to announce the release of an official 50th Anniversary edition of “The Magnificent Moodies”, the 1965 debut album by The Moody Blues, on the 24th November 2014. Now associated as being pioneers of progressive and orchestral rock, the Moody Blues had another life between 1964 – 1966, as one of Britain’s foremost Rhythm and Blues influenced acts. With a line-up of DENNY LAINE (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica), RAY THOMAS (Vocals, Harmonica, Flute), MIKE PINDER (Keyboards, Vocals), CLINT WARWICK (Bass, Vocals) and GRAEME EDGE (Drums), the band signed to a London-based management company who leased recordings to Decca Records. The band’s second single, a cover version of Bessie Banks’ “Go Now!” was a huge chart success across the world. Their debut album, “The Magnificent Moodies” was released in1965 to great acclaim and tours with The Beatles eventually led them to become part of Brian Epstein’s management stable. The band continued to record a series of singles, enjoying further chart hits in the UK and Europe, before Clint Warwick departed to be replaced by ROD CLARKE and then finally dissolving in the Autumn of 1966 and reinventing themselves stylistically with a new line-up including JUSTIN HAYWARD and JOHN LODGE.
The official 50th anniversary reissues consist of a Deluxe edition includes the original album, re-mastered from the first generation master tapes, along with all the singles the band recorded between 1964 and 1966 (including the rare “People Gotta Go” – released only in France on an EP). Notably this collection also includes 29 previously unreleased bonus tracks, including the band’s entire July 1964 sessions at Olympic studios in London produced by Alex Murray, all surviving BBC radio sessions recorded in 1965 and nine tracks recorded in the Summer of 1966 with producer Denny Cordell for a proposed but unreleased second album (all newly mixed from the original four-track master tapes). The set is packaged in a clamshell box, with a lavishly illustrated booklet (with previously unseen photographs designed by Phil Smee) and essay written by Mark Powell, three rare promotional postcards and a poster.
There is also a single CD edition, which features 15 bonus tracks (drawn from the band’s singles released between 1964 & 1966). Both editions of “The Magnificent Moodies” are the definitive statement on the formative years of one of Britain’s greatest bands.
“The Magnificent Moodies” - Released in July 1965

1. I’ll Go Crazy (Brown)
2. Something You Got (Kenner)
3. Go Now (Banks / Bennett)
4. Can’t Nobody Love You (Mitchell)
5. I Don’t Mind (Brown)
6. I’ve Got a Dream (Barry / Greenwich)
7. Let Me Go (Laine / Pinder)
8. Stop (Laine / Pinder)
9. Thank You Baby (Laine / Pinder)
10. It Ain’t Necessarily So (Gershwin / Gershwin / Heyward)
11. True Story (Laine / Pinder)
12. Bye Bye Bird (Williamson / Dixon)
Bonus tracks:
13. Lose Your Money (But Don’t Lose Your Mind) (Laine / Pinder)
14. Steal Your Heart Away (Parker)
A & B-side of single – Released in September 1964
15. Go Now! (first version)
Recorded at Olympic Studios on 24th July 1964 – Previously unreleased
16. It’s Easy Child (Sandler / Bennett / Redd)
B-side of single – Released as November 1964
17. I Don’t Want to Go On Without You (Berns / Wexler)
18. Time is on My Side (Meade / Norman)
A & B-side of single – Released as in February 1965
19. From the Bottom of My Heart (I Love You) (Laine / Pinder)
20. And My Baby’s Gone (Laine / Pinder)
A & B-side of single – Released as in May 1965
21. Everyday (Laine / Pinder)
22. You Don’t (All the Time) (Laine / Pinder)
A & B-side of single – Released in October 1965
23. Boulevard de Madeleine (Laine / Pinder)
24. This is My House (But Nobody Calls) (Laine / Pinder)
A & B-side of single – Released in October 1966
25. People Gotta Go (Laine / Pinder)
Taken from the “Boulevard de Madeleine” EP - Released in France in October 1966
26. Life’s Not Life (Laine / Pinder)
27. He Can Win (Laine / Pinder)
A & B-side of single – Released in January 1967
CD Two:
Previously unreleased Studio Sessions & BBC Radio Sessions:
1. Go Now! (second version) (Banks / Bennett)
2. Lose Your Money (But Don’t Lose Your Mind) (early version) (Laine / Pinder)
3. Steal Your Heart Away (first version) (Parker)
4. I’ll Go Crazy (first version) (Brown)
5. You Better Move On (Alexander)
6. Can’t Nobody Love You (first version) (Mitchell)
7. 23rd Psalm (Trad. Arr. Laine / Pinder / Thomas / Edge / Warwick)
Recorded and mixed at Olympic Studios on 24th July 1964
Produced by Alex Murray
8. Go Now (Banks / Bennett)
9. I Don’t Want to Go On Without You (Berns / Wexler)
10. I’ll Go Crazy (Brown)
“Saturday Club” session - BBC Light Programme
Recorded 12th April 1965
11. From the Bottom of My Heart (I Love You) (Laine / Pinder)
12. Jump Back (Rufus Thomas)
“Saturday Club” session - BBC Light Programme
Recorded 3rd May 1965
13. I’ve Got a Dream (Barry / Greenwich)
14. And My Baby’s Gone (Laine / Pinder)
“Saturday Club” session - BBC Light Programme
Recorded 1st June 1965
15. It’s Easy Child (Sandler / Bennett / Redd)
16. Stop (Laine / Pinder)
17. Everyday (Laine / Pinder)
“Saturday Club” session - BBC Light Programme
Recorded 21st September 1965
18. Interview with Ray Thomas and Graeme Edge /You Don’t (All the Time) (Laine / Pinder)
19. I Want You to Know (Domino / Bartholomew)
“Saturday Club” session - BBC Light Programme
Recorded 9th November 1965
20. Coca Cola Radio Commercial 1965
The 1966 Denny Cordell sessions – Previously unreleased:
21. Sad Song (Laine / Pinder)
22. This is My House (But Nobody Calls) (first version) (Laine / Pinder)
Recorded at Advision studios - 5th April 1966
23. How Can We Hang on to a Dream (first version) (Hardin)
Recorded at Advision studios - 5th July 1966
24. How Can We Hang on to a Dream (remake) (Hardin)
Recorded at Decca studio No. 2, West Hampstead - 15th July 1966
25. Jago & Jilly (Laine / Pinder)
Recorded at Decca studio No. 2, West Hampstead - 18th August 1966
26. We’re Broken (Laine / Pinder)
Recorded at Decca studio No. 2, West Hampstead - 19th August 1966
27. I Really Haven’t Got the Time (September 1966 version) (Pinder)
28. Red Wine (Laine / Pinder)
29. This is My House (But Nobody Calls) (stereo mix) (Laine / Pinder)
Recorded at Decca studio No. 2, West Hampstead - 8th September 1966
For more information:

By the way, the CURRENT version of The Moody Blues will be appearing at The Star Plaza Theatre next April (the 9th to be exact!)  We saw them a few years ago at one of The Drive's Birthday Concert bashes and it was a GREAT show.  (I know there are a lot of Moodies fans on the list ... so if you happen to be in the area, you may want to check this one out!)
More details here:

Our band changed names from the Cashmeres to the Mojo Men in Milwaukee in 5/64 when we recorded "Mojo Workout". We relocated to SoCal in 9/65 and on the way out we heard "Dance With Me" by the Mojo Men. We were not happy about that, but then we didn't hear it again for a while so we paid little attention.
However, a couple of months later, their record was on the Hot 100. An agent in Hollywood booked us on a gig in Tucson as if we were them. We learned the song and did the gig, mainly (I guess) because (1) we needed a gig, (2) we felt we had the name 1st, and / or (3) we were young and stupid.
In March that same agent booked us - again as the other band - on a short tour in the NW. By this time we had learned that their record had been getting airplay in Milwaukee on our reputation, because many Milwaukee DJ's, etc. thought it was us. I guess that made us feel somewhat justified in playing their song on those gigs.  Finally, when we signed to Mike Curb, we changed our name to the Portraits.
I might add that, on one of those NW gigs (Walla Walla) the Wailers ("Tall Cool One") were also on the bill. However, it was my understanding that the Wailers had greatly splintered by that time and that, perhaps, none of the members on that gig were originals. 

Gary E. Myers / MusicGem  

On the subject of original band members, one group that wasn't mentioned is Heart. Technically there are no original band members left in that group either. Ann and Nancy Wilson came aboard after the group was formed, but before they had a record deal.
Jack Levin
Actually Heart WAS mentioned in that link I put out the other day showing the TREMENDOUS amount of turn-over in some bands. (I believe Heart has had 38 members thus far!!!)
>>>Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have practically been with the band from the start, having joined in the early ’70s. However, not all members lasted as long as them. Heart has had a total of 38 past members.  (WCBS-FM)
Since I know it'll get asked, Heart rose to fame behind Ann and Nancy Wilson ... it was THAT pairing that got them into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... and it was THAT pairing that participated in every hit record.  (32 Billboard Hits since 1976!  Hey, that's nearly one for every member!!!)  kk

>>>I'm a big fan of forgotten hits. I live in Michigan and grew up in Detroit in the sixties, in the middle of the Motown sound. Even though I love and still love the Motown sound, I always wished I was born and raised in Chicago in the middle of the Buckinghams, The New Colony Six, The Cryan' Shames and all the other great groups that formed the Chicago sound. Kent, you are a very lucky man, and I'm totally jealous.  I also loved the Cleveland sound, namely The Outsiders! I would like to note and give a shout out to Sonny Geraci, who is celebrating his birthday on November 22nd! I would really like an update on Sonny and when he will be touring again, I really enjoy his shows. Maybe Dennis Tufano has some good news for us fans.  Thanks Kent and keep up the great work!  (Doug Grima)  
>>>Quite honestly, I don't know that Sonny will be returning to the stage any time soon ... he went through a tremendous ordeal but, last I heard, he was recovering nicely and comfortably.  
I haven't talked to Dennis Tufano in awhile (although we ARE trying to put together a show for him here in Chicago for next year) ... but I forwarded your email to him in the hopes that maybe he can give us a "sunny" Sonny update.  Stay Tuned.  (kk)
Hello Kent!   
Hope you are enjoying the Holiday season.  ,
Sonny is getting better all the time. He came to my show in Streetsboro, OH and sat in the wings singing along to every song. Mentally he is really sharp and clear. Physically he needs Physical Therapy to rebuild strength as he’s been in bed for too long and some muscles don’t respond as fast as others. He looks great and with a lot of love from everyone he should be able to work hard at getting his body back in shape and aim towards performing again. I ask his fans to keep him in your thoughts and prayers so we can bring him back on the stage.  
Happy Christmas and belated Thanksgiving greetings.
Thank you for all you do!!
Dennis Tufano

Kent -
I WOULD like you to pass along to Doug Grima that I feel his pain!  I grew up in Dodge City Kansas DXing WLS and CFL and became a huge fan of the Chicago groups and stations like Doug.  I have been lucky enough to work on many Chicago 60's bands' CD reissues and meet many of my 60's heroes and I truly wish I could have grown up in DC, but also been able to take in Chicago in the 60's up close and personal! 
Clark Besch  

Love your web site! I'm not understanding this Billboard Revisionist History thing. Billboard is now saying that the album "More of the Monkees" is the best selling album of 1967. Yet most internet sources including Billboard itself show that "Sergeant Pepper" sold about 12 million copies vs the Monkees 5 million. This seems crazy. What am I not understanding? Also, and I don't think it applies here but, shouldn't the best selling album of 1967 only include sales that were actually in the year 1967 and not some later sales? 
Hoffman Estates  
The best selling album of 1967 WAS "More Of The Monkees" ... it topped Billboard's LP Chart for 18 weeks.  "Sgt. Pepper" has certainly sold infinitely more copies over the years ... but when first released in 1967 (and counting only 1967 sales), it finished TENTH ... incredibly behind BOTH of The Monkees' first two albums (#1 and #2 that year), THREE Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums (!) ... "S.R.O." (#7), "Whipped Cream And Other Delights" (#8) and "Going Places" (#9), "The Temptations' Greatest Hits" (#5) and three M.O.R. Soundtracks ("Dr. Zhivago", #3, "The Sound Of Music", #4 and "A Man And A Woman", #6.) 
Hard to believe in hindsight, isn't it, that the most IMPORTANT album in all of music history only managed a #10 year-end showing in '67.  (Even more incredible ... Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass had two more albums in The Top 25 ... so The Mamas and the Papas ... and Bill Cosby had THREE!!! 
To date "Sgt. Pepper" has sold over 30 million copies ... "More Of The Monkees", by comparison, has sold about 5 million copies to date.  However, in 1967, The Monkees were outselling The Beatles ... hard as that may be to believe.


From our "Music Of Boyce And Hart" Series several years ago ...


For a brief moment in time, yes, they were! THE MONKEES' first album spent 13 weeks at #1 beginning in November of 1966. It was knocked out of the #1 spot by their SECOND album (MORE OF THE MONKEES) which spent 18 additional weeks at #1!!! That one-two punch accounted for 31 consecutive weeks of THE MONKEES topping Billboard's LP chart. In addition, THE MONKEES would place two more albums at the top of the chart during 1967: HEADQUARTERS (#1 for 1 week) and PISCES, AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN AND JONES, LTD. (#1 for 5 weeks). That's a total of 37 weeks at Number One out of a possible 60!!! (During that same timeframe, THE BEATLES topped the charts just once with what is considered to be their landmark album of all time, SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND, which spent 15 weeks on top of Billboard's LP Chart.) In addition, THE MONKEES rang up eight Top 40 Hits during that 60 week period (vs. THE BEATLES' five.) It can be argued that THE BEATLES lost some of their younger fans who were not yet ready to follow their leaders down the much more sophisticated path of RUBBER SOUL, REVOLVER and SGT. PEPPER ... let alone their newly embraced drug culture ... some of us still wanted the fun, happy, carefree mop-tops and suddenly THE MONKEES better fit that bill. (THE BEATLES were growing mustaches for God's sake!!!) But the truth is that no other BEATLES album ever spent more time at #1 than SGT. PEPPER's 15 week run ... in fact, even when compared to their biggest ye  r ever (1964, when they, too, knocked themselves out of the #1 spot on the album chart ... THE BEATLES' SECOND ALBUM replacing MEET THE BEATLES at the top of the heap for a combined consecutive total of 16 weeks ... along with a mass saturation of product hitting the marketplace never before seen in the music industry), THE MONKEES certainly gave THE BEATLES a run for the money in terms of overall short-term popularity. 

And, speaking of The Monkees ...  

re:  The Monkees:
Hi Kent,
We have two new locally sponsored television stations in my area ... COZI TV and ANT TV. ANT TV runs The Monkees. There is a mini marathon of episodes on today and I have been watching. I used to watch the show back in the day and really liked it ... what could I have been thinking? The acting? The plot? The acting? Quite unbelievable really ... and not in a good way.  
On the plus side, I have been hearing Monkees songs that I had completely forgotten about ... some of them rightly so but others that are really nice. I also like the end of some episodes which features an up and coming unknown artist. At the end of one of today's episodes they showed a black and white audition tape of Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith from before they actually got their roles on the Monkees show. Davy was adorable as usual but Mike had me in stitches. I am sending it to you from youtube. 

cuesticks1 has shared a video with you on YouTube

Auditions for the Monkees TV show

I've seen them all SO many times over the years (and own the complete collection on DVD, too.)  No, they were never designed to be "high art" ... and the bad episodes far outweigh the good ... but kids have been growing up watching these for damn near fifty years now ... in everyone's minds The Monkees have never aged ... they've been preserved forever in their most innocent form.  (And I don't care what ANYBODY says ... this music still holds up EXTREMELY well after all this time!) And it ought to ... some of the biggest names in all of music were feeding them material!  There are STILL lines that crack me up every time ("Save the Texas Prairie Chicken" for one!)
Those original audition tapes are quite fun ... you can see what attracted the producers to the final quartet ... and Michael Nesmith has proven over the years to have a REAL knack for comedy ... witness his forays into Television Parts and Elephant Parts.  (He was supposed to be "the serious one" on the tv series ... but quite often he got off some of the best lines ... Michael as The Princess in The Fairytale Episode remains one of my all-time favorites!)  kk  

This Rockers On Broadway thing was great; if only to hang with Bruce Morrow for a bit; and, please, when you have the time, listen to Micky's interview with Gilbert Gottfried. Lots of GREAT intel - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
Great stuff, David ... and More Micky Below !!!

New York -- Micky Dolenz and Cousin Brucie Morrow were honored at Monday's Rockers On Broadway event (their 21st) at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. Surprise Guest Peter Tork showed up and performed with Dolenz; as well as surprise guest Steve Van Zandt.
-- submitted by David Salidor

Rock royalty showed at last weekend’s All Things That Rock event in Philadelphia. 
L-R: Peter Criss (KISS); Jade Starling, (Pretty Poison); and, Micky Dolenz (Monkees), were caught backstage at the event.  (photo by Scott Weiner)
Sounds like the original members of Creedence Clearwater Revival are suing each other again ... this time over the proper use of the name.  First, John Fogerty didn't like the fact that his former bandmates Doug Clifford and Stu Cook were using the name "Creedence Clearwater Revisited" because he felt it confused the audience at large as to what it was actually getting should they go see the band in concert.  I kinda get that ... after all, it was Fogerty who wrote and sang every hit CCR ever had ... but these guys have been billing themselves as "Creedence Clearwater Revisited" for YEARS now ... so why all this new fuss all of a sudden?  (Sadly, there was a time when John Fogerty himself refused to perform this music for quite a while after he started his solo career as he didn't want his old record label ... and Saul Zaentz in particular ... earning money off his copyrights.  Finally he began working them into his set list again, reportedly after none other than Bob Dylan warned him, "C'mon John, you've GOT to do your songs ... otherwise people will begin to believe that Tina Turner was responsible for 'Proud Mary'.")
Fogerty finally agreed to allow Cook and Clifford to use the name for a fee ... but continued to make disparaging remarks about them doing so ...  "Using the name is sort of a sacrilege.  When the band broke up, I never had any problem not trying to abscond with the name Creedence as a solo artist. I just think that thing is from a certain time and it is untouchable, unless everybody is there. You can't do it unless everyone says it is OK to do it."  (Sounds to me like there won't be a CCR reunion any time soon!)  However, Fogerty himself has been making use of the old band's name in some of his own advertising of late, stating that he performs the music from the albums of Creedence Clearwater Revival ... which Cook and Clifford now claim is only adding to the confusion that John himself supposedly wanted to avoid.  Part of their lawsuit turns the tables on Fogerty who originally claimed that the name Creedence Clearwater Revisited would confuse people as to who they were seeing.  Clifford and Cook now say that Fogerty promoting his solo shows as featuring the music from three Creedence Clearwater Revival albums is causing confusion between Fogerty as a solo artist and their "Revisited" group.   
As for Fogerty, he's standing firm ... "The people who come to my shows know they will hear me sing and play the songs I wrote and recorded over the past four decades of my career,” he says.  “Every night we play live, I’m thrilled to see all of those fans singing along to the songs that have touched them.  I am at a wonderful place in my life. I am playing the music that I love and wrote, with full joy and having my son Shane joining along side of me — it doesn’t get much better than that.”  He vowed that “no lawyers, lawsuits or angry ex-band members” will curtail his ability to perform the songs, once again putting emphasis on "my songs.”  (Fogerty currently performs the CCR albums "Bayou Country", "Green River" and "Willy And The Poor Boys" in their entirety as part of his set.) 
You can read our VERY well-received CCR Series from a few years back right here ...  
Click here: Forgotten Hits - Creedence Clearwater Revival  
Meanwhile, the saga continues!  (kk)

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since we lost Superjock Larry Lujack.  Chicagoland columnist Rob Feder ran a short tribute in his column last week ... (I'm not quite sure how many people actually saw it and had the chance to read it now that you have to PAY to read his work!!!) ... and I also talked with Art Vuolo, "Radio's Best Friend", about the video tribute he put together last year after Uncle Lar passed away.
When the legendary Larry Lujack died last December, generations of listeners mourned the passing of one of radio’s all-time greatest personalities.
Heartfelt tributes extended far beyond Chicago, where Lujack reigned without equal for decades. From an obituary in the New York Times to a salute on the 2014 Grammy Awards show, they attested to the immense popularity and influence of the Hall of Fame broadcaster, who succumbed
to esophageal cancer at 73.
But in the weeks and months that followed, colleagues and friends never had a chance to come together to honor Lujack’s memory or celebrate his life and career. Now as the first anniversary of his death December 18 approaches, it appears they never will.
Lujack, who donated his remains to University of New Mexico Medical Center for research, insisted that there be no funeral and discouraged any public gathering in his honor.
“As difficult as it has been, I am taking my cue from my husband and honoring his wishes of doing absolutely NOTHING,” Jude Lujack told me in an email Sunday. “This was a subject discussed during a very sad and painful year, but nevertheless it was drilled into my head that it was important to him to leave this earthly body without any fanfare. . . . So although it isn’t conventional, it is so my ‘Lujo’ to have it his way.”
Recently retired Chicago radio veteran Tommy Edwards, Lujack’s longtime “Animal Stories” partner and one of his closest friends, said: “Larry’s passing was really emotional to a lot of us. We all respected his wishes to not have any kind of memorial service.”
Added Edwards: “I know many of us were very pleasantly surprised to see the Grammys pay tribute to him and other radio icons during their television broadcast. That was very classy. There are permanent tributes in both the Museum of Broadcast Communications’ Radio Hall of Fame here in Chicago and the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.”
Even without the kind of closure some had wanted, fond memories of the man known to millions as “charming and delightful old Uncle Lar” endure.
“Sure, it would be nice to have a chance to tell stories about Lujack one more time,” said Bob Sirott, another longtime colleague and friend.  “But it’s not like he’s been forgotten. All of us think about him all the time.”

-- Robert Feder

Lujack may not have wanted any type of lasting tribute assembled, but the fans feel differently ... Larry was a HUGE part of our lives growing up for many, many years ... and the profits from Art's video sales are being donated to Larry's favorite charity. 
So here ... a little bit of Feder ... and information on how you can get your own copy of this 73-minute Larry Lujack tribute video ...  

Kent ...
The nicest thing you can do is to direct your loyal readers to my web site so they can order the 73 minute DVD Tribute to Larry Lujack.  I'm giving the profits to Larry's favorite charity "Save the Children."  His wife, Jude, was deeply touched by what I put together about her husband and a few more orders would make the check I write even more impressive! 
Thanks for anything you can do along these lines.

re:  Up-Coming Shows:
Man, I tell you, Ron Onesti just keeps bringing out the hit-makers!  I just got a glimpse of the up-coming schedule for 2015 and was blown away by some of the acts he's adding to the roster ... I guarantee you, The Arcada Theatre will continue to rock for many, many, many months and years to come! 

First we got this regarding an up-coming show with our buddies The New Colony Six ... a fund-raiser, no less, MC'd by none other than Chet Coppock!
Hi Kent -
I wanted to let you know about an upcoming fundraiser to benefit people with various developmental disabilities. I represent the Rhythmic Arts Project in Chicago area and we often hold fundraisers across the country to raise money to for the cause.  ( You can learn more about The Rhythmic Arts Project here: )  
Our show will be at the Arcada Theater in St Charles, IL, on April 19th and will feature three great bands and friends. 
The show opens with The Cadillac Casanovas followed by Denny Diamond (and his tribute to Neil Diamond) and closes out with Chicago legends The New Colony Six.  Chet Coppock will be the guest MC and several pro wrestlers will also be on stage with Chet during intermission.  
This is the current ad that I am running on some websites and on

The Rhythmic Arts Project Present Chicago’s Rock Revolution
Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 4:00PM
The music of the 50's, 60's and 70's holds a special memory for those of us who grew up with it.
It was music you could sing along with, music you could actually dance to, music you fell in love with ... but in the early 60’s, Chicago was bursting at its seams. Something new was happening … a new rock revolution was taking place all over Chicagoland.  Bands that were playing the local sock hops and clubs were now making it on the national scene ... bands like the Cryan Shames, the American Breed, the Buckinghams, the Ides of March and the Shadows of Knight ... 
But one band stood out and became the undisputed leaders of Chicago’s Rock Revolution ... 
The New Colony Six.
Now five decades later the band still amazes and dazzles crowds of all ages throughout the Midwest.   
Robert M. Stolzman
ALWAYS happy to help spread the word, Robert ... ANYTHING to help keep this great music alive.  And the fact that this is a fund-raiser makes it all that much more endearing.  You can count on us to be there ... and hopefully we can entice a few Forgotten Hits Readers to come along as well.  Thanks for letting us know about this very special event.  (kk)

More great shows that have just been added to The Arcada Line-Up:

David Cassidy - March 26th  (I'm not sure ... but I might have to drive him to the theater)
Randy Bachman - April 2nd
The New Colony Six with Denny Diamond and The Cadillac Casanovas (a benefit show) - April 19th
Country Superstar Trace Adkins - April 23rd
Blue Oyster Cult with April Wine - April 24th
The return of The Alan Parsons Live Project - May 29th
Tony Orlando - July 26th

They join ...

The B-52's - February 12th
Billy Ocean - February 21st
Rare Earth - February 28th
Howard Jones - March 13th
Loretta Lynn - March 27th
Jefferson Starship - March 29th
Taylor Dayne - April 11th
The Orchestra - April 17th (former members of ELO)
The Lovin' Spoonful - May 3rd
Paul Revere's Raiders - May 17th
Edgar Winter with Rick Derringer - May 23rd
Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone - May 30th

re:  Sad News:
I just learned that we lost a long-time, good friend to Forgotten Hits earlierthis month.  Steve Knuettel was a regular contributor for years and, believe it or not, we heard from him as recently as a week-to-ten-days ago when he made a comment in our column about Darlene Love.  (He should know ... Steve was ALSO the guy who wrote our three-week-long series on Phil Spector several years ago, one of our best-received special features ever.)  I'll never forget as it was right at the end of that series ... with maybe two or three chapters to go ... that we suffered yet ANOTHER massive computer crash, losing everything.  Once we got back up and running again, we finished ff his piece, a testament to all the hard work and research he put in t  make this thing happen.  (Steve was an avid Spector colector and had an INCREDIBLE collection of rare tracks at his disposal.  We were very fortunate that agreed to share some of them with our readers.)
For about the past two years we have talked off and on about permanently posting that Phil Spector Series on The Forgotten Hits Website.  Steve was trying to work out a book deal first, which I understood ... he said if the book deal never materialized he would update the series for publication right here in Forgotten Hits.  Sadly, none of this ever happened ... and any updating now isn't going to be.
However, we are still EXTREMELY proud of Steve's work ... and, although it will be a MASSIVE undertaking to resurrect all of this one more time, I think we owe it to Steve as a final way of not only saying thanks but also erecting a permanent tribute.  (Stay tuned for more on this topic ... because SO much great, rare music was featured ... and the other website doesn't allow musical postings ... we'll have to work out something in the way of a cross-promotion on this.  Likewise, we've STILL never gotten around to permanently posting our month-long Bobby Darin series on the other site, LONG overdue ... and we've had a number of requests to permanently post our month-long series on The New Colony Six, too,  another HUGE undertaking.
We may have to take a month off next year to make all of this happen ... but it is something I would like to see done before I, too, leave the world of oldies .. so stay tuned for more developments!  (kk)

re:  Diggin' Forgotten Hits:
Good morning Kent and greetings from South Florida! 
Absolutely great stuff and a must read EVERY morning.  
V.J. Paskus  
Fort Myers, FL  

Keep the oldies alive, Kent!
Larry Cave

I love your blog!

I continue to read your blog every day ... and am consistently amazed by how much I learn from you on a daily basis.  God bless Forgotten Hits for keeping this music alive.