Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday This And That

re:  On The Radio:  
Congratulations to our FH Buds Jimmy Holliday and Tom Kent who were both nominated for Radio Hall Of Fame Awards this past week.  Best of luck to the both of you!  (I can say that because they're each nominated in different categories! lol)  I hope you both win your respected category.  
Chicago's own Eric and Kathy are ALSO nominated ... they have had one of the top-ranked morning shows here in Chi-Town for YEARS now!    

A complete list of nominees is shown below ... I'm sure you'll find a few of YOUR local heroes on this list as well!  (kk)   

Active Local / Regional (10 years or more): 
Big Boy (Kurt Alexander), Los Angeles
Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison, Philadelphia
Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart, Chicago
Garland Robinette, New Orleans

Longstanding Local / Regional (20 years or more):
Tom Barnard, Minneapolis
Johnny Dare, Kansas City
Johnny Holliday, Washington, D.C.
Ronn Owens, San Francisco

Networks / Syndication (10 years or more):
Tom Kent, Cleveland
Dave Ramsey, Nashville
Diane Rehm, Washington, D.C.
Michael Savage, San Francisco

Longstanding Network / Syndication (20 years or more):
Bob Kevoian & Tom Griswold, Indianapolis
Bob Kingsley, Weatherford
Marketplace, Los Angeles
Harry Shearer, Los Angeles

Music Format On-Air Personality:
Delilah, Seattle
Elvis Duran, New York
Steve Harvey, Atlanta
Ryan Seacrest, Los Angeles

Spoken Word On-Air Personality:
Sean Hannity, New York
Clark Howard, Atlanta
Jim Rome, Los Angeles
Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Los Angeles 

Hi Kent,  
Thank you so much!  

>>>My wife and I just  spent a week in upstate New York (Saratoga Races and Cooperstown).  The trip was fantastic, but the radio was horrid!  We have been long time Sirius subscribers listening to 60s at 6 and Underground Garage roughly 80 per cent of the time.  They play a few songs quite a bit, but always (especially Garage) mix in some obscure titles.   However with our rental  car we were forced to listen to what you call the 'classic hits station' mix.  In six days the only songs I heard from the 60s were by the Beatles ... and I heard Hey Jude three times!  Not one song by the Stones or Elvis.  Some 70s ... Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt, and The Eagles ... and lots and lots of 80s crud.   When we got in our own car back in Omaha, my wife said, "Lets hear some decent music."  We were both overjoyed to hear Mark Lindsay's voice belting out the long version of Hungry.  Today's classic hits radio truly does stink ... I'm not getting rid of Sirius anytime soon.  Thanks for the great site ... I check you out daily.  (Randy M)  
Interesting - My wife and I also spent some days in very-far-upstate New York the week before last (up at the Canadian border, kayaked on the St. Lawrence Seaway) and we discovered a great-sounding local AM with wonderful music and live DJs. Check out WMSA if you're ever in that neighborhood. Here in Nashville, Music City USA, radio is in awful shape.  
David Lewis    

It happened! 9:25am Saturday morning Me -TV FM played Summer Sun by Jamestown Massacre. Fantastic!
Mike Hartman
Yep, we heard it, too.  Ah, the power of suggestion!  (We've got a few other ideas we're sharing with Me-TV as well ... stay tuned ... hoping to have some very good news to report real soon.)  kk    

Chuck Buell's Favorite Radio Question for Today ~~~ 
“Did you go into radio to get rich or was it to work just 4 hours a day?” 

re:  The Labor Day 500 Countdown:   
A reminder -- balloting has begun for this year's bi-annual Labor Day 500 -- the first since 2013 and fourteenth overall. Yes, we were Oldies when Oldies wasn't Old.
Once again this year, we've expanded the ballot to your 15 favorite songs from the '50s, '60s and '70s. So please spread the word!
Vote now at:
Voting runs through Sunday, August 30 and those who request it will get a copy of the full list when it's out Labor Day weekend.
Need some memory joggers?
Here are the songs that have made the list in
the past 13 surveys:
http://www.oldiesmusic.com/2013ld500accumulated.pdf- Ron Smith

re:  This And That:
Well hello my brothah!  
Can you stick me in the "Helping Out Our Readers" category? I have sort of a coworker named Mike Wolf who claims to have played trumpet with some pretty big names. He says he toured with Buddy Rich during the "bus tapes" era... and also the Everly Brothers at some point.  
Your blog is very connected. I'm wondering if anyone remembers him. THANKS!   
Well, I can certainly ask!  Anybody out there know (or remember) this guy???  (kk)     

And another "Helping Out Our Readers" request ...   

Can you pass the word on this?   
A guy here is doing a documentary on the Beatles 1966 Ampitheater concert.  I believe the Remains and Ronnettes were two opening acts??  Anything special happen at these concerts?  Anyone with memories???  
Clark Besch  
If you've got some info or memories to share, please contact Clark directly at wlsclark@aol.com.  (kk)   

This is cool!  
Thanks, Stacy!  I enjoyed this very much ... then played it for several others ... and spent the next half hour checking out more of their videos.  Damn, these guys are book a year in advance all over the world!  How on earth did word of mouth travel so quickly?!?!  (kk)  
You are welcome. It appears they will be performing in Chicago at The Riviera Theatre on November 18th. My eldest Daughter sent the video to me. I do not know how she came across it. We like to share music new and old with each other.  
Well I quite enjoyed this one ... a very clever arrangement of a song most of us have grown sick of!  (lol)  My first reaction was "I'd really like to see these guys perform live" ... but then, after reviewing about 20 more of their videos (looks like they've got over a hundred!), I couldn't help thinking that I'd be bored watching the same treatment applied to so many songs.  What makes this one so unique is their completely 180-degree interpretation of "All About That Bass" ... it makes it stand apart from everything else we're hearing.  But if you're going to apply that same arrangement to every other song you do, too, the novelty wears off pretty quickly.  Still, no doubt these guys can sing!  (kk)   

Hi Kent -  
Enjoyed your "GINORMOUS"  Forgotten Hits so much!!  
It would be GREAT to put Dick Biondi in John Records Landecker's old radio spot!!!!  Enjoyed listening to John's last program. Another great legend. Hope he continues his career. Heard that he is writing a screenplay with his actor / daughter Amy.  
Miss when Dick Biondi would take requests on his show and play some good forgotten oldies for his fans plus  tell all his stories ... Go Go Dick and get that time slot. There will NEVER be another Dick Biondi!!!!!  
I know the late Lynn Anderson and her tune "Rose Garden" was her biggest record, but I have a copy of her record "I Found You Just In Time" which I liked very much.  Do you have any info on it?  
When in doubt, ask the Master.  
Lynn Anderson never came close to capturing the success of "Rose Garden", her first chart hit which peaked at #3 in Billboard but went all the way to #1 in both Cash Box and Record World.  She charted nine more times on Billboard's pop chart, never climbing above #63 ... and "I Found You Just In Time" wasn't one of them.  
However, on Billboard's COUNTRY Chart she had an incredible SIXTY chart hits! ... including 18 BEFORE "Rose Garden" hit #1 in 1970 ... as well as four OTHER #1 Billboard Country Chart Hits!  
"I Found You Just In Time" was actually the B-Side of 1970's "No Love At All", her version of the song we know best by B.J. Thomas.  It hit #15 in 1970.  (kk)  

>>>I don't know if it made your survey there in Chicago, but Richard Burton in 1965 had a record called MARRIED MAN which did make our local radio survey. It was from the Broadway production "Baker Street", released on MGM records. I forgot all about it until I saw Burton's name in FH.  (Larry)
Hola Kent,
CharlieOFD from Deflateville !! (the charges bothered me until I realized that 'The Donald' is our leading current candidate for POTUS!, "What A Revoltin' Development This is!") ha ha
Did someone say "A Married Man"?  I don't know how many they sold, but I bought one, and tried to convert it to digital, so I offer you this.
Not too shabby for a 50 year old 45, played on a Technics Turntable from the 80's directly into GarageBand on a seven year old Imac. Plus I kept the sleeve (but it was only plain brown paper)!!
Start the bidding ! Ha ha!
Great stuff in the blog ... everyday I thank God for all the wonderful songs of our lives.
Have a great weekend,
Happy Summah of '15 to all FH aficionados !

Hi Kent -
I had the pleasure of seeing the legendary Dick Dale, Father of Surf Music, on Wednesday at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
Dick was supported by a drummer and bass ... but his guitar sound filled the small venue ... amazing sound!
Dick is 78 and still touring to pay for medical expenses.  He is not well, but put on one amazing show.  He spent time telling a few stories and then raged through songs like Riders In The Sky, California Sun, House of the Rising Sun, and of course Miserlou.  He is putting out a new cover of Amazing Grace, which he performed in honor of those public servants and military who risk their lives.
Here are a few pics from the show. (I could not bring my good camera to this venue, so snuck a couple of pics with my little one)
Tom Apathy

All Dick Dale photos courtesy of Tom Apathy -- thanks, Tom!  (kk)

See Joan Jett And The Blackhearts At CBS-FM’s Saturday In The Park Thanks To WCBS-FM 101.1
It's a free concert
Frank B.
Unfortunately, MOST of the Joan Jett press hasn't been very positive of late ... might be nice to kinda kick back and enjoy a free concert from this Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2015 Inductee ... if you happen to be a New Yawker that is!  (kk) 

Speaking of great concerts ...   

Hi Kent, 
Just a quick note to tell you how great The Ides of March sounded last Saturday, August First. 
I was getting ready to go onstage myself and didn't have a way to write down all the tunes they did, but rest assure The Ides did Chicago proud. 
They did old tunes, at least one new one and some of Jim P's tunes written for others. 
He was in fine form. When they did the quieter stuff, the vocals sounded very good as well. 
I really wanted to get to meet all of them but only got to meet a couple. Jim has worked with us a couple times before and is a fun guy to have around as you might expect. 
Cheers to the Ides who still sound great after 50 years. 

One of our other readers, Jack Mongan (who just filed his review of The Chicago Experience concert) caught The Ides in Ohio this past week, too ...
He promises to file a full report soon (once his busy schedule frees up) ... but meanwhile here are few photos from this event.  (kk)

And don't miss The Little Italy Fest West the following week in Addison, IL ... 

What a GREAT line-up ...

All the way from NYC ... The Bronx Wanderers ... Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 21 - 23 (they'll close the show every night!)

Jay and the Americans - Friday, August 21st, 7:30 pm ...

and Lou Christie - Sunday, August 23, 5:45 pm ...

Great review of The Chicago Experience concert on your website this past weekend.
I guess I'll have to check them out for myself in Bolingbrook on the 14th!
You won't be disappointed.  I'm hoping to make it out there, too, to see the full show this time.
And be sure to stop back on Sunday ... and catch The Happy Together Show for free!!!  (kk)

And finally, here's a link to Big Jay's latest weekly posting of this week in music history.  VERY cool stuff (and I especially like the link to our FH article from a few years back!)  Thanks, Jay!  (kk)