Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Fab Four ... Live In Tarrytown

Guest Columnist Shelley Sweet-Tufano files this review from the recent FAB FOUR Concert held in Tarrytown, NY.

We LOVE these guys ...

And they're coming back to The Arcada Theatre on November 1st ...

Can't wait to see them again.

Meanwhile, here's YOUR chance to live vicariously through Shelley's experience.

Read on!

It has been a bleak winter. 

Snow was not very evident, but ice and gloom covered the state. 

We are now in a new time that calls out to be named Monsoon Season. 

I have tickets to see The Fab Four in Tarrytown, NY. The original friend who was going to meet me there is laid up in bed. It is an hour and a half drive to and from with no hope of a break in the forecast. So the obvious choice for me is to pick up a book and THROW IT ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE 


A rejuvenation of body and soul is beginning as I walk into the theatre and sit down. The first time I played the Trivia Game that appears on the stage scrim, I got 100%. They haven’t changed it so I still bat 100! But tonight there is an audible GASP from the audience when the answer ‘All My Lovin’ is revealed as the first song The Beatles sang to the audience from the Ed Sullivan stage. Really? I thought that was required history. OK … so in MY classes, it is common in the curriculum, but just maybe everyone isn’t lucky enough to know that piece. See? Go to a concert and you can learn new facts.

Jeff DeHart, appearing tonight as Ed Sullivan, emerges and goes over the rules.

                Everything is live tonight. No recordings.

                No matter what anyone has told you, take as many pictures as you want.

                Take videos. Record often.

                DON’T SING ALONG ... 

                "No please. Don’t do that.” 

But The Fab Four even promote singing along. A splendid time will be had by all.

As The Fab Four take possession of the stage, I am aware that ‘John’ and ‘Paul’ are new to me. ‘George’ is the admired Gavin Pring from Liverpool, UK, who has met Paul McCartney and been told, “You kind of look like George.” Gavin replied, “And you kind of look like Paul.” No truer statement Gavin. Macca looks A LOT like Paul.

I know ‘Ringo’ as well: Joe Bologna from Detroit, MI. I have seen Rolo Sandoval in the part before. I usually see ‘John’ portrayed by Ron McNeil, but Adam Hastings, in the role, attracts and keeps my eye immediately. He has every facial expression of John’s down solid. Even when the focus is on another member, he is ‘John’. Downcast eyes while others talk, the lean on the back leg, the laughing eyes and smile when he is surprised, the sardonic smirk when he is being sarcastic. I wait for him to make a slip, to fall out of character. I don’t find it. Adam hales from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  Truly not just fantastic musicians, but incredible actors join this and every performance that The Fab Four do.

So now my educator brain starts rattling off questions:

                How do they find these performers?

                Are their roles perfected before they join the touring group or is their training after they “sign up”?

                Is each one truly playing their favorite Beatle, or are they cast primarily by looks?

                Does anyone have to learn a new instrument when they come onboard?

                Who writes the script and decides the songs?

                And is there anyone who is a natural left-handed bass player? I know that Ardy Sarraf (another Paul) was an accomplished right handed bass player who had to reteach himself.
Well, speaking of Paul, tonight he is played by Neil Candelora from Orlando, FL. However, he originally came from Tarrytown, NY, and his parents still live there. I wonder how many people came to this particular night just to see their hometown boy?  Neil has a smaller stature than McCartney and may look nothing like him without wigs and false mustaches, but he has the flow of the man in his movements and definitely is ‘Paul’ tonight.

The above questions have been submitted to The Lads through their publicist, Jeanne, and I hope to be able to report back here and at school on the work that goes on behind the magic.

Let’s go through this performance! 

First the set list ...

                She Loves you
                I Want To Hold Your Hand
                All My Lovin’
                Love Me Do
                A Hard Day’s Night
                Eight Days A Week
                Can’t Buy Me Love
                Here, There, and Everywhere
                Day Tripper
                I Saw Her Standing There
                Twist and Shout - EVERYBODY OUT OF THEIR SEATS TWISTING … yes, and shouting the lyrics
                Jeff DeHart returns as Ed Sullivan, doing impressions of Nixon, Rodney Dangerfield and Jack Nicholson. Jeff can be seen in the new Martin Scorsese film “THE IRISHMAN”.

                Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
                With A Little Help From My Friends
                Penny Lane
                Lucy In The Sky
                Reprise of Sgt Pepper with the front three banding together center stage on guitars
                A Day In The Life
                T-shirt throw while Adam changes into the white suit and longer Lennon hair
                Got To Get You Into My Life
                While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Something
                Here Comes The Sun
                Get Back
                Hey Jude - Encore
And just think of all The Beatles songs that we did NOT hear? Since this California based group of performers started touring in the east (beginning of 21st century), I have been in awe of the accuracy and professionalism of their shows. 

None of my students will ever have the privilege of seeing a live performance of John, Paul, George and Ringo other than films and tapes. 

I saw them. I initially fought the idea of The Beatles and the British Invasion. (Mom, they’re just boys, and there are already too many of them around now.) 

But my friends and I collapsed quickly and solidly and were drop-kicked into an age that was to change us, the world of music, and in ways-life in general. This is the best staged performance tour of The Beatles that I have seen. 

No matter who is in the roles. 

They are tight. 

The Beatles were tight. 

Each an individual and yet a united group. If I have said any of this before, remember that it takes the average person 54 times of hearing something to remember it fully and 28 times of reading it. So, if you remember things from before, you are above average! Good for you and keep on reading.

Thank you to Ken Michaels Radio for the tickets, and to The Fab Four and their staff for their input, support and interest in what I do and have to say.

I will end with some words from John (Adam Hastings)

                “You all dressed like your parents!”
                “They tell me you only appear here twice in your career. Once on the way up and once on the way down. It’s good to be back.”
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

Shelley also sent this YouTube video clip doing their "Sgt. Pepper" closer.

A MUST SEE attraction if they come out your way.  Portraying The Beatles in the utmost professional and respectful way.  

Be sure to check out their website for upcoming show dates.