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Kicking off with …

Here is another GREAT offer exclusively for Forgotten Hits Readers …
But we’re going to have to move REALLY fast on this one …
Dan Conroe and The City Winery have just given us a pair of tickets to see Sergio Mendes THIS SUNDAY NIGHT (June 30th, 8 pm show) … 

We saw Sergio’s show last year and it was phenomenal …

You MUST register NOW to win a pair of tickets … and you MUST be able to attend as we won’t have time to reassign these seats.  (We'll be announcing the winner on Wednesday, the 26th)  

Don’t miss the great opportunity to see and hear one of the defining sounds in ‘60’s music … who has totally updated and adapted to the sound of today … you will NOT be disappointed.

Drop me an email NOW at if you’d like a chance to attend.

(Meanwhile, tickets are still available for both the 5:00 and the 8:00 show here):

Other great City Winery shows coming up:
John Sebastian – July 8th
A.J. Croce – July 10th
Steve Forbert – July 14th
Mac McAnally – July 21st
John Mayall – August 1st
Gloria Gaynor – August 9th
Jim Brickman – August 11th
Dave Mason – August 13th and 14th
John Waite – August 22nd
Berlin (featuring Terri Nunn) – September 10th
David Cook – September 18th
Order tickets for ALL shows here:

In addition to these City Winery shows, The Arcada Theatre and the Genesee Theatre both have some exciting event coming up …

July 21st – The Heroes of Woodstock, featuring Canned Heat and Big Brother and the Holding Company at The Arcada Theatre
July 23rd – The Righteous Brothers (featuring Bill Medley and Bucky Heard) at The Arcada Theatre
August 3rd – Burton Cummings at The Arcada Theatre (we’ll be there for this one … especially since we missed his show at The Genesee in May)
August 9th – Chris Isaak at The Arcada Theatre
August 25th – Frankie Avalon at The Arcada Theatre
August 27th – The Robert Cray Band at The Arcada Theatre
September 5th – Sweet at The Arcada Theatre
September 6th – Buddy Guy at The Arcada Theatre
September 7th – Quite Riot and Kix at The Arcada Theatre
September 8th – The Diamonds and The Crystals at The Arcada Theatre
September 13th – The Alan Parsons Live Project at the Genesee Theatre (we’ve already got our tix for this one … can’t miss an opportunity to see these guys … and with a new album out, this should make for a pretty interesting show)
September 20th – UB40 at The Genesee Theatre
September 21st – Tommy James and the Shondells at The Arcada Theatre
Also on September 21st – Orleans and Poco at The Genesee Theatre
September 22nd – Micky Dolenz at The Arcada Theatre
September 28th – April Wine with Asia at The Genesee Theatre
September 29th – Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals at The Arcada Theatre (3 pm show)
Also September 29th at The Arcada Theatre:  Air Supply (7:30 show) – tickets are sold separately for these two events
October 1st – An Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles’ White Album, featuring Christopher Cross, Todd Rundgren, Micky Dolenz (The Monkees), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Joey Molland (Badfinger) – THIS is the one I’ve been waiting for!!!
October 4th – Three Dog Night (aka Danny Hutton and two other guys you really don’t care about) at The Genesee Theatre
October 6th – The Yardbirds at The Arcada Theatre
October 12th – Blue Oyster Cult at The Arcada Theatre
October 15th – George Thorogood at The Arcada Theatre
October 19th – Kansas at The Genesee Theatre
October 20th – Engelbert Humperdinck at The Arcada Theatre
October 24th – Travis Tritt at The Genesee Theatre
Also October 24th – The Marshall Tucker Band at The Arcada Theatre
October 25th and 26th – UFO at The Arcada Theatre
October 26th – The Ides Of March with special guests Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and American Idol Runner-Up (and current lead singer of Blood, Sweat And Tears) Bo Bice.  (This should be a GREAT show with The Ides providing back-up for all the acts … put me down for THIS one, Jimmy!)
October 30th – Paul Anka at The Arcada Theatre
November 1st – The Fab Four at The Arcada Theatre  (STAY TUNED:  We’ll be doing a ticket give-away for this one!)
November 14th – The Drifters, The Platters and The Coasters at The Genesee Theatre
(now that’s kind of an unusual line-up for this venue … hopefully we can help to get the word out as there certainly is an audience for this music … although I can’t imagine that there’s a single original member left between the three of them!)
November 15th and 16th – America at The Arcada Theatre
November 21st – The Orchestra at The Genesee Theatre  (featuring former members of ELO / Electric Light Orchestra) … after seeing Jeff Lynne July 27th at The United Center, I’m sure we’ll be ready for more of his great music by November … and (other than Jeff himself), NOBODY does it better than these guys!
November 23rd – Humble Pie at The Arcada Theatre
November 30th – The Cornerstones of Rock featuring The Buckinghams, The Cryan’ Shames, The Ides of March, The New Colony Six and The Shadows Of Knight at The Arcada Theatre – ALWAYS a sell-out!
December 7th – Tower Of Power at The Arcada Theatre
December 15th – The Lettermen at The Arcada Theatre
(By the way, it appears we scooped the rest of the world by about ten days with our news of the passing of Lettermen founder and leader, Jim Pike … even Billboard Magazine didn’t report the story until nine days later, at which time all of the other news services picked up the wire and ran it on the 10th day.  Boy, he sure deserved a better send-off than this!)

You can order Genesee Theatre and Arcada Theatre tickets here:

Congratulations to Tommy James!!!
He’s been asked (by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, no less!) to perform at the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo XI Moon Landing on July 13th at the Ronald Reagan Library in California!!!
Tommy’s hit “Crystal Blue Persuasion” (a summer favorite that is still scoring well in our Most Essential Classic Rock Tracks poll as well as having been prominently featured in our Me-TV-FM Summer of ’69 radio special last weekend) hit #1 on The Record World Chart that same day back in 1969!  (Man, I hope this is a televised event!)  kk

And, speaking of The Summer of ’69 …

kk …
I'm going to try to play the 1969 Summer Songs in Larry's Pub Jukebox.
I know you won't be surprised to hear –
The Ladies complain that I play too much 1950's Doo- Wop …
Songs that were popular before they were born.
Frank B.

Thanks so much for today's posting, Kent.  I never would have recalled this as the 50th anniversary … so much gratitude for your reminder ...
Peace, Brother kk!  
Ray Graffia, Jr. / The New Colony Six

Hi Kent,
Hope you are doing well.
Really enjoyed the M'Woky article, my friend.  I want to give kudos to Bill Balogh, (our resident knowledge keeper), for his piece. Bill is a great bass player, and good friend. Billy Taylor and I regret not being there, but life has it's twists and turns that affect us all. He kick-started some fond memories for me that I appreciate deeply.
Brother, keep the hammer down, and thanks for all the hard work.
Bless ya,
Barry Winslow
The Royal Guardsmen 

It was fun reading the 1969 charts.
I was 13 and growing up in northwest Ohio.
One reaction to the lists: Chicago had better taste than the rest of the country. 
wonder if the difference was more a function of what the listeners liked / wanted or more based on the radio stations’ playlists, which, of course, might have been influenced by motives other than ratings. Payola, anyone?  Not in Chicago, I’m sure.  
In any case, Chicago was listening to better stuff. 
Steve Roess 

Were the lists that different? Chicago had the 1910 Fruit Gum company listed, how did the rest of the Country miss that?
Hank Arnold
Between the two lists, 39 of the songs listed were common, leaving 11 others unique to each list.  Funny you should mention the 1910 Fruitgum Company song … I heard Me-TV-FM play that one Friday night as I was drifting off to sleep!  (kk) 

As a fan of the old WLS Silver Dollar Surveys, I came across Joel Whitburns's Record Research website. He has collected the all of Top 100 Billboard Surveys (he also has the old Cashbox charts) and has compiled them in their original format and has put them in a series of volumes by decade (50's 60's 70' etc.) They're not cheap, but from my perspective, they are well worth the money. Flipping through the old charts is like taking a walk back through time. He also sells a myriad of music-radio books that go into greater detail about the performers. I enjoy comparing the old Billboard charts to the WLS surveys to see how Chicago's musical tastes differ (or not) to what was happening nationally.
Stan Williams 
The Whitburn books are the industry bible for national chart information.  The brand new edition of “Top Pop Singles, 1955 – 2018” should begin shipping any day now … and they contain an invaluable resource of information on what made up the charts back then.  (This is the 16th edition of this best selling item) 
Former DJ and radio programmer Ron Smith wrote similar books covering the WLS Charts for the ‘60’s, ‘70’s and ‘80s, giving you the Chicago perspective on this era.
WLS was one of the nation’s leaders when it came to programming … according to a number of inside sources, The Top 20 reflected actual sales, airplay and listener requests while the bottom 20 was more a case of seeing what would click with their audience.  Still, songs were hitting #1 in Chicago before they broke into the National Top 40 … so WLS (and, by this time, WCFL) were among the industry leaders. 
Ron sent me this ordering link from Amazon for all three of his WLS Chart Books ... as well as his book recapping all of the WCFL Charts!    
Gran copies for your collection NOW while you still can ... I have seen these books go out of print before!  (kk) 

Good morning, Kent:
I wanted to thank you for the considerable amount of coverage you’ve given the station the past couple days in both your blog and your e-blast.  We’ll be doing our social media posts and linking to your site several times over the next few days.
By the way, for those who have asked, our live streaming stations, WMYX 99.1-2 Milwaukee and WXZO  Burlington (, feature a playlist that’s 90-99% the same as what goes out over the air on 87.7FM Chicago.  The main differences are these ...
First, our affiliates generally air slightly fewer commercials than we do, so they need to fill an extra 3-5 minutes each hour with additional songs that don’t get played on 87.7.  Second, artists of a strictly local heritage (e.g., Steve Goodman, Bonnie Koloc) are not part of the syndication playlist.   As a result, when you listen to MeTVFM online, you’re getting pretty much the same songs in the same order that you would if you were listening over-the-air to 87.7FM in the Chicago area.
Have a good weekend.
Happy Summer!
Rick O’Dell
Program Director 

I heard nothing but good things about our little Summer of ’69 cross-promotion weekend … hopefully we can do more projects together in the future.  (You know I’ve got a suitcase filled with ideas!  Lol)
And I am SO happy that people all over the country can now enjoy the Me-TV-FM listening experience that we enjoy here in Chicago.  (Of course for MY tastes you could eliminate artists like Steve Goodman and Bonnie Koloc here as well … and the station would only grow stronger in the process!  Lol)
I even got Robert Feder to give our efforts a shout-out … much more of an everyday occurrence for YOU and Me-TV-FM than it is for me … this is probably only about the 3rd or 4th time he’s helped to promote MY work … so this turned into a real win/win for everybody!!!
Thanks again for everything … always a pleasure working with you!  (kk)

I’m still hoping those of us outside the Chicago area can someday enjoy WRME’s programming. Online streaming would allow many more listeners the pleasure of hearing what Chicago has been experiencing. Rick and the team are doing soft rock oldies right!
Guy Postlewait 
From what I’ve been told, Neal Sabin has absolutely NO intentions of streaming the Chicago feed … this is why I ran links to the Milwaukee / access which, as Rick explains above, is virtually the same playlist.
Of course, I personally prefer the “Chicago Touch” that 87.7 FM brings to the table … many of our local heroes are featured regularly on the station … but it’s not looking likely that this is going to change … Neal seems pretty adamant about it.

Which makes me wonder …
Have there been any further negotiations with Comcast / Xfinity to bring Me-TV-FM back to THEIR line-up???
It sure was nice being able to leave that on while doing things around the house!  (kk)
UPDATE:  Per Neal Sabin at Me-TV-FM, there are no plans to bring Me-TV-FM back to the Comcast / Xfinity line-up at this time.

Have you seen the promos for the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?”
The whole thing takes place in 1969 (with yet another incredible Tarantino soundtrack) and melds fictional characters (played by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, just two members of an all-star cast) with real-life events, particularly the infamous Manson Family / Sharon Tate murders.
The film opens July 26th and is highly anticipated.  
You can check out the official trailer here:

kk …
Every time I hear this commercial, it makes me feel a little older.
I want to remember 1969 Joe Namath.

Coverage on Me-TV-FM this weekend inspired several new readers to check out our websites …

So it was nice to receive this email the other day … 

Hi, Kent —
I just discovered your “top 50 instrumentals” list, so this is to offer some decidedly some late nominations!   
The problem is that there are SO MANY GREAT instrumentals, that a top 50 list just isn’t sufficient.  I think these are some more that deserve mention as top instrumentals, but I don’t see them on either of the lists on that webpage:
The Dis-Advantages Of You by Brass Ring (1967) … I even have this on my “So Sixties it Hurts” playlist
The Lonely Surfer by Jack Nitzsche (1962)
Let's Go Away For Awhile by the Beach Boys (1966)
Because They're Young by Duane Eddy (1960)
Sylvia by Focus (1972)
Rock & Roll, Part 2 by Gary Glitter (1972)
Iron Butterfly Theme by Iron Butterfly (1968)
Blue Danube Waltz by Kasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral Cirkus (1969)
Sparks by the Who (1969)
I Robot by Alan Parsons Project (1977)
Outa-Space by Billy Preston (1972)
Hocus Pocus by Focus (1973)
Scarlett O’Hara by Lawrence Welk (1963)
Green Hornet Theme by Al Hirt (1966)
Joy by Apollo 100 (1972)
Baja by the Astronauts (1963)
Music To Watch Girls By by Bob Crewe Generation (1966)
Third Stone From The Sun by Jimi Hendrix (1967)
Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall by Small Faces (1969)
Underture by the Who (1969)
Dueling Banjos by Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandel (1973)
Popcorn by Hot Butter (1972)
OK, I’m pushing the definitions on a couple of these, but I like ‘em. :)
Just my two cents!
Kevin Killion  (the other KK)

Our Essential Classic Rock Tracks website is FINALLY working correctly now … so please stop by and pay it a visit if you haven’t already done so. 
And be sure to bookmark this page … as new suggestions will be posted throughout the week leading up to the June 30th Nominations Deadline.
After that, it’ll be MUST VIEWING on a daily basis as the Final Ballot begins posting on July 5th.
Every day you will have your chance to vote for your favorite and most deserving songs, which will be listed alphabetically over the course of the next several weeks.
Full details can be found here: 
And information will be updated again before the first ballot posts.  (kk)

Well, The Rolling Stones tour is officially off and running now, kicking off right here in Chicago last Friday Night (the 21st) with a concert at Soldier Field.  (Originally, the “No Filter” tour was supposed to END here … you may recall the late Chet Coppock’s opinion that The Stones had planned to do that by design so that they could officially announce their retirement right here in the city that they love.)
But now there’s already talk about another new album … so who knows how long these Stones may keep on Rolling!  (The Stones have not released an album of new material since 2005 … 2016’s “Blue And Lonesome” was a “covers” album.)  Jagger has gone on record as saying that he has “lots of stuff” prepared for a new release … and Keith Richards went so far as to suggest that a new Stones LP could come out later in 2019! 
Reports say the show got off to a bit of a shaky start … but that the band quickly regrouped and gave yet another exceptional performance, with Jagger seeming to have no lingering health issues whatsoever after his recent heart surgery.  (The man has GOT to be in tip-top shape to continue to be able to put on the high-energy performances he does each and every time he takes the stage.  I swear it’s like he runs a marathon in the course of every concert!)
In fact, Mick made little reference to the delay at all, other than stating early on that they “loved Chicago so much that they decided to open here instead of Miami.”  (Jagger even made reference to his love of the Italian Beef, a Chicago mainstay, much as the Philly Steak is in Philadelphia.)
… and, after performing “Angie” asking the crowd, “Ain’t it good to be aliiiiiiive???”
Here’s their Chicago set-list  (apparently there will be one song up for grabs in every city … here in Chi-Town, they performed “You Got Me Rocking” in what they refer to as the “Wild Card Spot.”

Chicago Set List:
“Street Fighting Man”
“Let’s Spend The Night Together”
“Tumbling Dice”
“Sad Sad Sad”
“You Got Me Rocking”
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
“Dead Flowers”
“Sympathy for the Devil”
“Honky Tonk Women”
“You Got The Silver”
“Before They Make Me Run”
“Miss You”
“Paint It Black”
“Midnight Rambler”
“Start Me Up”
“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
“Brown Sugar”
“Gimme Shelter”

Led Zeppelin’s been all over the news again this past week …
First the copyright case surrounding “Stairway To Heaven” is being reopened again …
And then Facebook decided to block images of Zep’s “Houses Of The Holy” album cover (for what they described as "child nudity," I guess?!?!?) … but final rescinded that decision (caved to pressure when cited for idiotic behavior?) and are allowing it again.
(Some people just have NOTHING better to do with their time!!!)  The frickin’ LP has been a best seller for 45 years ... now all of a sudden, people can’t look at it anymore?!?!  Life as it currently exists in the Me-Too era just isn’t fun anymore … we have completely lost our perspective (and sense of humor) in the process and have just gone WAY too far overboard with all this shit lately.   
That’s not to say that there isn't some merit ias to much of what’s been said and done … there is … and we would certainly not condone this type of behavior under any circumstances … but when the focus of your day starts revolving around critiquing 45 year old Led Zeppelin album covers … and vintage Christmas tunes like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” ... I think it MAY be time to take a step back and just ask ourselves, “What the fuck are we doing here … and just what are we hoping to accomplish by doing it?!?!?”  (kk)

Got this from Carl Giammarse of The Buckinghams, who is out on tour as part of this year’s Happy Together Tour package …

Hey Kent,
Happy Together is going great! We’re about 17 dates into it, mostly East Coast, Florida and the south. We are out till June 30 and, after a little break, we start the West Coast. 
Great lineup!
Hey Carl!
Great to hear from you …
And thanks for the reminder that it’s Summer!  (The way the weather has been here this year it’s been hard to distinguish one season from the other lately … virtually NO Spring this year and even our “Summer Weather” has been somewhat questionable.  Reminds me of that old adage … In Chicago we only have two seasons:  Winter and Road Construction!!!”)
The Happy Together Tour hits OUR neck of the woods on August 16th when it plays at The Paramount Theatre in Aurora (an annual tradition) and we're hoping to see you guys there.

Other upcoming dates are as follows:

June 26th - South Shore Music Circus, Cohasset, MA
June 29th - Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY
June 30th - Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA
July 11th - Bob Hope Theatre, Stockton, CA
July 12th - The Smith Center, Las Vegas, NV
July 21st - Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA
August 1st - MGM Grand Detroit, Detroit, MI
August 3rd - Celeste Center, Columbus, OH
August 7th - Effingham Performance Center, Effingham, IL
August 10th - Little River Casino Resort, Manistee, MI
August 11th - Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park, Northfield, OH
August 16th - Paramount Theatre, Aurora, IL
August 18th - Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL
August 24th - Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
This year’s line-up includes The Turtles (featuring Ron Dante again this year), Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), Gary Puckett, and The Buckinghams, The Classics IV and The Cowsills. 
Simply put, you’re not going to get a better dose of ‘60’s Music than this!  Make your plans accordingly!  (kk)

The other day we ran a link to USA Today’s list of The Best 100 Songs Ever and sent along our congratulations to Tommy Roe (for “Dizzy”) and Jim Peterik (for “Eye Of The Tiger” … but neglected to give a shout out to The Box Tops, who finished at #26 on the list with “The Letter,” just one spot behind “Eye Of The Tiger.”
As such, we'd also like to extend nods to Melanie, The Association, ? and the Mysterians, The Beach Boys, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, John Kay and Steppenwolf, The Monkees, Paul Simon, Petula Clark and Nancy Sinatra, all of whom have participated with Forgotten Hits at some point in time and earned a spot on the list.  (kk)
You can view the complete list here:
On YouTube, check out Tom Meros interviews.  He interviews original members of Oldies Groups. 
Interesting history behind Jay & The Americans:
Jay # 1 = Jay Traynor
Jay # 2 = Jay Black
Jay # 3 = Jay Reinke (Current Jay)
If you can make it through Jay Traynor's history, you’ll get TWO great WOODSTOCK stories.
TEASE #1 = Jay was in charge of ticket sales at WOODSTOCK.
TEASE # 2 = Jay was there with his group (not The Americans).
Because of the crowd, performers were late arriving.
Jay tells his group, "I think they'll let us sing."
BUT -------------------------------

And here’s another link to Lou Christie’s “It Should Have Been A Hit” website:

With everything else that’s been going on around here lately, we missed wishing Brian Wilson a Happy Birthday last Thursday … so Belated Happy B-Day, Brian!

Meanwhile, FH Reader Phil Miglioratti just sent us this link to his podcast interview with Tom Smucker, author of “Why The Beach Boys Matter.”  Check it out!

Hi Kent ~
Part 2 of my conversation with Tom Smucker, author of “Why The Beach Boys Matter,“ is available now.  You can Listen. Here. Today. @

Dear Kent and FH Readers,
For those of you who remember and loved the sweet voice of Kathy Linden -- the singer of the national hits "Billy" from 1958 and "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" from 1959 -- I just found out about the following information.
After about 55 years "off the radar screen," she is alive and well and has a brand new website -- -- and a brand new album called "The Love That's In My Heart," consisting of 22 recently-recorded inspirational, country and instrumental songs, all of which she wrote and played piano on. Her voice is as sweet and distinctive as ever but more mature! Details are on her website.
Ronnie Allen   
Thanks, Ronnie … happy to pass this info along.  And great to hear from you again. (kk)

We just received our inventory on the new Ides of March CD and DVD yesterday.  Very excited about this upcoming release. I am sure Jim and the guys have been in touch with you about it.
Clay Pasternack  

Rocky River, Ohio

We have been anxiously awaiting this release. 

Here’s an update from Jim (Peterik) …

Hi Kent –
The Ides Cd and double vinyl come out on Aug 16th. 
One music video for “Swagger” with Mark Farner will precede that and a second one for “Friends Like You” with Mindi Abair will Come next. 
The long form video / dvd will come sometime later in the year. 
Thx, Kent, for all you do for us and the whole music scene.
Because of you, they will not be Forgotten Hits!

You're slipping!
First you mentioned the Black Sox being from 1908, when it was 1919.
Then today you mention Fanny being the first all female rock band when Goldie and the Gingerbreads, fronted by Genya Raven preceded them by a number of years. 
I can only blame it on a lack of sleep … the other day I sent out a promo of weekend events that won’t actually run until July!!!
The Black Sox thing is obvious to me now … I knew it was 1919 … but I was thinking of the "EIGHT Men Out" who were charged with throwing the World Series … so while typing the year, it became 1908 instead of 1919.
As for the first all female rock band, I will admit to never having heard of Goldie and the Gingerbreads … (who?!?!) … so that’s technically not a mistake … just ignorance on my part (if, in fact, it's true ... they never charted so exactly who knew about them?  And what year would that have been?)
[Speaking of killer girl rock bands, check out Zepparella ... they'll be appearing at The Arcada Theatre on June 28th!  I might have to go to this one!]

Between keeping a daily flow of Forgotten Hits going, promoting events like the Me-TV-FM Summer of ’69 Weekend, working a 55 hour a week full time job, tabulating what now officially amounts to over 729,000 votes and launching a brand new Classic Rock Essentials website, I’d have to be the first to admit it’s all catching up with me.
(On the other hand, I HAVE tried to keep my wits and my charm around me in SOME fashion …
Our plans to go to Colorado this past weekend to see Paige in her starring role in “The Taming Of The Shrew” at the Breckenridge Backstage Theatre fell thru for a number of reasons. 
As a consolation prize, I treated Frannie to Denver omelets at Baker’s Square … and we drove there listening to John Denver on the way … and then came home to watch “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead.”  But the REAL bonus was spotting a car with Colorado license plates in the Baker’s Square parking lot … I don’t think I could have planned THAT one no matter how hard I tried!!!)

Paige in "The Taming Of The Shew" ... naturally SHE'S The Shrew ... playing to EXCELLENT reviews in Breckenridge, Colorado ... 
(sorry ... proud Papa!)