Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Orchestra

Looking forward to a GREAT show at The Genesee Theatre tonight where The Orchestra takes the stage.

We have been raving about these guys for YEARS now ...

In fact, we'll let a couple of our previous reviews speak for themselves ...

Here's a piece from 2018 (when we named them the #2 Show of the Year):  

These guys are incredible. 

Yes, Jeff Lynne is out touring again … and I don’t know what connection, if any, he may still have with any of these former members of various incarnations of ELO, but he can be proud that his music is being presented in the most professional and respectful way.  They do it justice in every regard and pay full tribute to the genius of Jeff Lynne. 

Once again, one of the best live shows we’ve ever seen ... and this year they come in at #2!  (kk) 

In 2016, we named them The Best Concert Of The Year ... 

We were absolutely blown away by The Orchestra Friday Night.

Featuring various members of different incarnations of Electric Light Orchestra / ELO / ELO II and ELO III, we figured the musicianship would be outstanding ... but were concerned that the vocals just wouldn't cut it since Jeff Lynne has such a distinctive voice.

But the fact of the matter is, the vocals were outstanding as well!  (It's almost hard for me to say this, but The Orchestra performed "Turn To Stone" better Friday Night than Jeff Lynne did at his Hyde Park DVD concert, which won A+++ reviews on our website a few months ago!) 

Even more amazing ... the band features three lead vocalists trading off the leads ... and often within the same song ... and all have a very similar sound that, when blended together, virtually replicates the sounds of the hits we all know and love.  (There is just enough "Jeff Lynne" in their voices to pull this off ... and the background blend is nothing short of incredible.)  

They covered the band's entire career and did bang-up jobs on nearly every track.

Stand -outs for me included "Showdown", "Mr. Blue Sky", "Evil Woman", "Sweet Talkin' Woman", "Livin' Thing", "Can't Get It Out Of My Head", "Telephone Line" and, far and away, "All Over The World".

As you know, I have mixed emotions about cover and tribute bands, especially since Jeff Lynne is supposed to be out touring the US himself later this year ... and that DVD concert is so incredibly powerful ... but in that these guys were actually part of the band at some point in time ... and did such an incredible job of recreating (and preserving) the music, I'm willing to cut them some slack and give them a very high Forgotten Hits recommendation.  (I can honestly say that it will take something pretty incredible to knock these guys out of our Top Ten Concerts of 2016 Year-End List!)  

It's just amazing to think, sitting there watching them perform for a little over two hours, that ALL these songs ... save "Roll Over Beethoven" ... were written by the same man ... and yet he STILL isn't in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, despite inventing an entire new side to rock music.  Jeff Lynne has got to be one of the most underrated, underappreciated artists of the past 40 years.  
[Thankfully, Jeff Lynne and ELO were finally inducted in 2017 after this review first ran -kk] 

Yes ... this was the BEST show we saw this year ... and nobody could be more surprised than me!  

Being huge Jeff Lynne fans, we've been waiting for him to tour The States again with his latest version of ELO ... especially now that he's released a new album.  

But until then, we decided to check these guys out ... all former members of Electric Light Orchestra at some point ... and they did an INCREDIBLE job of recreating the sound of this classic (and soon to be) Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inducted band.  

Check out their touring schedule to see if they're heading out your way ... DEFINITELY worth your time! 

In 2017, we raved ... 

Jeff Lynne, an under-appreciated genius, should be proud to know that they pay the highest respect to his music and pull it off brilliantly from the concert stage.   

The versatility and musicianship displayed by this 8-piece band, ALL of whom have, at one time or another, played under this tutelage, is nothing short of phenomenal ... some of what they pulled off last night was nothing short of perfect.


There are still plenty of great seats available for tonight's show ... please come out to see them if you can ... you will not be disappointed.