Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Also This Week In 1970 ...

March 17th – Eddie Holman receives a gold record for his hit “Hey There Lonely Girl”

March 18th – U.S. Postal workers in New York City go on strike – the strike will eventually spread to the state of California as well as Akron, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts and Denver, Colorado.  In all, 210,000 out of 750,000 U.S. Postal Employees walk out.  The strike will last for two weeks.  (Meanwhile, President Nixon assigned military units to deliver the mail in New York City.)

Also on this date, Queen Latifah is born 

March 21st – The very first Earth Day proclamation is issued in San Francisco by its Mayor, Joseph Alioto.  The first official Earth Day will be celebrated in one month.