Wednesday, March 18, 2020

And The Beat Goes On ...

Sharing some of your mid-week comments …

But first, for any of those who may have missed it the other day …

Another look at our "mission statement" ... 


Stating the obvious:

Life as we know it has changed … and no one seems to know for sure how things will move forward from here … but it’s likely that we will remain on high alert for the rest of our lives, now that we all know what can … and has … happened.

There isn’t much point in recounting all of the things that have already been pushed back, postponed or flat out cancelled … they encompass every interest we have in our lives, whether it be music events, sporting events, television and movies or something as simple as being able to go out to dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Likewise, all of us have already been bombarded by all of the safety precautions we need to observe to minimize our own risk for contracting this virus … so we don’t need to beat you over the head with this information again here in our pages.  It’s really pretty simple:  be smart … be safe … and, if you need to know more than that, this information is available to you literally EVERYWHERE else … so please review the guidelines if you haven’t already done so to make sure that you are in compliance for the safety of yourself, your family and your loved ones.

We get it … this is high-gear scary … some VERY serious shit … but we’re not here to focus on or help to spread the doom and gloom that surrounds us.

Forgotten Hits has ALWAYS been about the music … and the tremendous healing powers and love that music generates …

So we’re not going to use these pages to talk about how bad it is … or how scary things are … we already know how much this series of events has impacted all of our individual lives.

Instead, we will continue to present Forgotten Hits as a means to “escape” the real world outside through our shared love of music and memories … even if it’s just for a few moments each day.

We will continue to post for as long as we can … and maybe even beyond!  (Believe it or not, we’ve already started working on pre-posts for our 1971 calendar that will take us through 2021, whether we’re here to personally enjoy it or not.  (Hopefully, this won’t be an issue … and the vast majority of you will be around to read it, too … ‘cause, I mean, otherwise, what’s the point of doing all of this extra work?!?!)

Forgotten Hits will strive to be your “happy place” where, for at least a few minutes each day, you can smile or shed a tear at a special memory … or share one of your own.
Forgotten Hits … it’s all about the music.
Kent Kotal
Forgotten Hits


Well said, Kent –
Hopefully we will all be here to read all your coming notes.
Take care,
Rockin' Lord Geoff (In England)

I know I’ve said it before … but Thank You for all you do!!
In times like this, we really look forward to your blog.
I am stuck working from home and if that isn't bad enough, the City of Chicago is putting new pipes in our streets so I am hearing peep peep peep all the time.
I need a bottle of Jack!!!
Mike DeMartino
It’s tough times for sure … now all bars and restaurants are closed … and they’re saying it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.  Daughter Paige does what MOST actresses do between gigs … she’s working at a couple of restaurants downtown as a server (and let’s face it … restaurants on Michigan Avenue and State Street don’t have drive-thru’s) so she’s basically just out of a job now until this ban is lifted.  And she can’t even fall back on her acting skills because all shows and production have been shut down in the State of Illinois.  Even if she had pursued her back-up plan teaching degree she’d be sitting home right now because all of the schools are closed!!!  So trust me … somebody ALWAYS has it a bit worse than you think you do!  (kk)

Your comments are right on!
Personally, I come to FH every day for the memories and the great music insight you provide from when times seemed better.
Life goes on, but I will tell you that a day without Forgotten His would be greatly missed.
Jay Grizzle

Well said.
His last show was last night … the studio is being closed due to current events.
Frank B.
Hopefully, this, too, will pass.  I know Glen’s got quite a following.  Here’s hoping he’s back in the saddle soon.  (kk)

Well said, my friend. 
Tommy Scheckel

Be safe, pal.
NJ has just shut us down as well.
No ice cream for you until we reopen when the Governor says it fine.
Our prayers are for everyone to stay safe and SANE.
We will get through this soon enough and be stronger for it.
Thank God we have electricity and the internet and you, my friend.
Keep up the good work and wash those hands!
Yours in Coolness,
Cool Scoops

Well said, young man! 
Always was a major fan of the attached and, at 74 in a dozen more days, I shall give the tune a spin myself and keep up prayers for all of us – aging post-teens like me, babies like you and many other FHers, and the old-timers who will hopefully still be around to come to NC6 and Cornerstones concerts as every single Forgotten Hits reader might, and I pray we will, after this chaos has ended
Be blessed, Kent ... and Frannie … and Paige … and all of us … be blessed!     
Sending you both this link, which I found worthwhile:
as well as this one to the song itself:

I was thinking the other day … artists and musicians were the first occupations ... and they will be around when all else fails.
Like how people sang to each other in Italy ...
They weren't yelling out math equations. (No offense to mathematicians.)
Music and art will save the world.

Well, Kent,
Here at your East Coast Reviewing Station we are on “pause.” At the turn of this century, we made a conscious effort to rebuild and refurbish our dated and closed theatre buildings. I gave my assurance that there was an audience arising from the ashes for music concerts and other productions. We took a risk and, sure enough, it was true. We have such a booming concert industry going on here that this month I had THREE concerts available EVERY WEEKEND in CT, NY and NJ!
“And Then Along Came Mary” … with the covid19.
I knew I couldn’t make each of those concerts, and I was SO frustrated. Now the schools, theatres, and large arenas are closed for preventive spread of virus and deep cleaning. I am home with no place safe to go.
However, over the past three days, I have received rescheduled dates from every performer I wished to see and it looks as if they will NOT overlap this time, and I just may be able to see them all! Plus five hotel chains have sent me assurances of their increased cleaning activities as I am one of their valued guests. (Who knew? Hahahaha!)
I am not happy about what measures we have all been forced to take, but I want to thank every musician, theatre, hotel and planner who has worked together successfully to turn this adversity around. I have not seen mean nor nasty notes from anyone bemoaning a loss of income, or threatening ticket holders in any way. I, and my coworkers, have spent an exhausting three days preparing to close a school district and make online learning available to students, as well as completing paperwork earlier than anticipated. This weekend I will collapse. Monday, I will adjust to this new life and plan accordingly.
MY whole point here is to THANK YOU, MY MUSICIAN FRIENDS, for being all I knew you were … caring people.
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
No question, this is tough on all of us … we’ve also had several shows we were looking forward to seeing postponed for safety reasons.  Truthfully, it all makes sense … and is the best for ALL of us.

Ron Onesti, who has had to close The Arcada Theatre due to state mandated policy and the ongoing threat of spreading the CoronaVirus, has come up with a clever way to keep the music playing … and you can even see some of these shows LIVE FROM THE ARCADA THEATRE right in the comfort of your own home!  (Here's your chance to check out one of our favorite venues ... from afar!)
All this week Ron has been streaming live shows online to keep the healing power of music available to us when we need it most.  And hopefully the trend will continue until we can all start going out to see live shows again ... you know, in person! Check it out …

“It Is A Miracle To Me” and “I’m Falling Off Of The World”
 both speak to the fears and emotions of these times but with a powerful upbeat message
Project Grand Slam, the celebrated Jazz Rock Latin band led by acclaimed bassist/composer Robert Miller, has today released two new songs written by Miller for the purpose of helping the country to get through the coronavirus crisis.  Both songs have an upbeat, positive message.  The songs will be made available for anyone to download for free.

“It Is A Miracle To Me” is a joyous, upbeat, positive song that will bring a smile to your face – something that we all need during times of crisis.  It’s message is to appreciate the wonders of our lives at all times.
As the first verse says:
The magic in the air is all around
On the earth the sky and sea
It dances with me when I jump around
It is a miracle to me
“I’m Falling Off Of The World” is a darker song that expresses the fears and emotions we all feel in a world that has changed for the worse in many ways – but with an upbeat message that we will get through this.  As the chorus says:
Life used to be so much easier to take
But that’s not how it feels right now
Keep your head up and don’t dwell upon the past
We’re gonna make it through somehow
Anyone can listen to these songs via the following SoundCloud links. Free downloads will be available.
“It Is A Miracle To Me” -
“I’m Falling Off Of The World” -
About Project Grand Slam:
Project Grand Slam is the brainchild of bassist/ composer Robert Miller. Over 3mm video views ~ 40,000 Spotify monthly listeners. PGS has released 8 acclaimed albums including a Billboard #1.
Instagram: @projectgrndslam

THE BOX TOPS wish everyone health ... be smart … be clean
Our MARCH 14th date at DOSEY DOE in the WOODLANDS, TX, has been moved to SEPTEMBER 19th ... Watch for more changes.

Here’s a Forgotten “Hit” of another kind from Chuck Buell.
Do You Remember This?
In December of 1973, Johnny Carson read a real newspaper clipping and made a few jokes about a (commercial grade) toilet paper shortage on his “Tonight Show.”
People did not hear "commercial-grade," and so the following day began a surge of panic buying of toilet paper, and for weeks that followed, stores were flooded with customers looking to buy up all the rolls they could find.
Since stores were not prepared for the sudden rush of sales, many shoppers found themselves facing empty store shelves, which continued to reinforce the idea that America was truly running out of toilet paper.
The result was stores selling out of the supply they had on their shelves — which, of course, reinforced the rumor of a toilet paper shortage.
Another definitive . . . ah . . . definition of “History Repeating Itself!”
CB (which stands for "Consumer Boy!")
We’ve had the “toilet paper scare” a few times now … but I’ve never seen anything like this … there is absolutely NONE to be had … and seriously, can you imagine even a SINGLE day without it???
(Reminds me of the old joke that if you’re ever stuck in the woods and have to poop, rather than grab leaves or a stick, wipe your butt with a dollar bill … advice many dads gave to their boys over the years.  Of course, my brother had such an occurrence once while out on a hike and when he finally caught up to my dad, he had shit ALL over his hands.  My dad reprimanded him with “What did I tell you?!?!  Wipe your butt with a dollar bill!” to which my brother replied, “But Dad, I didn’t HAVE a dollar bill … so I used four quarters instead!”  Now THERE’S a visual that won’t leave you for awhile!  Lol)  kk

Mornin', Kent,
While this is not "about the music," I'm sharing it with you just because I think you might enjoy it. 
It's a Very Creative, Well Delivered take about a spot "Down Under" from . . . ah . . . a place "Down Under!"

I don’t quite get this notion to hoard the toilet paper … and deprive others from that which we all need … there’s always been plenty for all of us … can’t we just continue to “share the wealth” rather than have those greedy few stock pile it away for another day months from now?

There were all kinds of jokes last week about people converting their two-ply to single ply at home just to keep enough on hand … and a well-circulated photo of the empty grocery store beer cooler that now held an 18-pack of toilet paper instead bearing the inscription “Sometimes decisions need to be made” … but if we’re all going to get thru this, we all need to work together.  In this respect, I guess I’m in favor of rationing it, if that’s the only way we can keep it fair for everyone.  (Like I said, can you imagine even a single day without it???)  
There really shouldn't be ANY type of toilet paper shortage at all ... if you think about it, there is no sudden need to buy or use any more than you would typically keep on hand ... if we just all kept our buying habits the same, there would be plenty to go around for everybody and the shelves would remain stocked with ample supply.  Meanwhile, it is my understanding that the folks manufacturing this stuff are literally working around the clock to try and keep up with the demand.  (One of the few businesses that have seen an INCREASE in their services during these trying times.)  Can't people just be a LITTLE bit smarter and realize that if there wasn't a shortage before, there is absolutely NO need for there to be one now ... if we all simply maintain our normal routine?  Same goes for all the other daily supplies and things like milk and water ... you wouldn't need to stock pile at all if everybody simply just followed their normal routine. (kk)

Frank B. sends us this daily virus self-test you can do at home …   

1 = Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than ten seconds.  If you complete it without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, it proves no fibrosis in lungs and no infection. 
2 = Make sure your mouth and throat are moist, never dry.  Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes. Why?  Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water will wash them into your stomach, instead of your windpipe and lungs.  
I passed … and information that is good to know.  But if you have ANY doubts or concerns, PLEASE get yourself checked out immediately.  The number of those contracting the virus is growing … but the death rate is still incredibly low … people ARE beating this thing.  As Chuck Buell told us the other day, FAR more people will face bankruptcy than will die from the CoronaVirus.  FAR more people die from the flu every single year and yet these statistics have never caused the pure pandemonium that this thing has.  I get it … it’s scary … and I don’t want to underplay it in any fashion.  NEVER in the history of the world have we had this wide-spread infection … more than HALF the world’s countries have now reported cases of people testing positive for this.  How it spread this quickly and this worldwide is beyond me … you wouldn’t even think it possible.  (So much for six degrees of separation!)  But panic leads to desperation … and we will soon be facing any multitude of ways to die far beyond contracting CoronaVirus if we don’t keep things in check. 
I’m just going to wait it out … I’ll follow all of the guidelines set … we’ll minimize our own contact with the outside world as best we can and hole up here in our own little safe cocoon … and I’m fine with that.  (Meanwhile, tonight I’m watching “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World” … which is a GREAT movie, by the way!)  But in the meantime, doctors and chemists and scientists NEED to continue to work around the clock to find a cure for this thing … and be prepared for whatever the NEXT new bug will be.  I still believe that this was “manufactured” … and if it WAS manufactured, then we need to find the smartest brains in the world and collectively “manufacture” something to successfully combat it.
End of my doom and gloom speech for today.  (kk)

Is Billy Joel the new Frank Sinatra?
They compare Billy Joel to Frank Sinatra, late in his career.
(I remember when they compared a young Bobby Darin to Sinatra.)
It’s not as far-fetched as one might think.  (Hmm … could Frank Sinatra sell out Madison Square Garden once a month … EVERY month … for three straight years?!?!)  kk

This “Thank You Mr. Rogers” CD Is packed with wonderful interpretations of songs Mister Rogers sang on his TV show. I'm glad I was a winner. We're loving it.
The Cowsills' version of "Won't You Be My Neighbor" is reminiscent of their sound heard on their hits. All these tracks are well-produced and sound superb. 
Thanks again,
David Lewis
I just got my copy yesterday … and popped it in immediately this morning on the way to work.  What a fun CD!  (And I wasn’t a follower of the show … so all of this material is foreign to me … but these do a GREAT job of interpreting the songs of Fred Rogers in a very fun, pop way.  (How sad that just as this CD is starting circulate, it was disclosed that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have tested positive for the CoronaVirus.)  Thanks again to David Salidor for providing copies for our Forgotten Hits giveaway.  (kk)

Order your copy here: 

And David tells us that The Cowsills appeared on The Mike Huckabee Show last week in Nashville, tub-thumping their appearance on the Dennis Scott-produced album “Thank You, Mister Rogers.”

Led Zeppelin wins ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright case
Frank B.
This one has gone back and forth so many times over the years I’ve lost track …
Pretty amazing in light of the fact that Led Zeppelin “borrowed” (some would argue outright stole!) SO much material from the early blues legends that first inspired them.
You’ll find traces of “Stairway To Heaven” in any number of songs, before and after.  (“Hotel California” is another one of those court cases that doesn’t seem to ever go away … and, more recently, “A Whiter Shade Of Pale,” the Procol Harum hit.  (kk) 

King Crimson to Tour North America with The Zappa Band Summer 2020
King Crimson will be playing one tour this year in USA and Canada during June and July 2020. Except for shows such as the Ottawa Blues Festival, all the dates will be double bills with the Zappa Band.
“The Summer tour will be a throwback one for us in a few ways; great to be going back to outdoor venues, some of them the ‘sheds’ we played in the 1980’s. And we’ll be travelling by tour bus, old school! As for what pieces we’ll play, that hasn’t been decided yet, but will likely be a wide selection from the 50 years of Crimson repertoire. With 7 players on stage we can cover it all.” - Tony Levin
Since King Crimson's return to live performance in 2014, with critically acclaimed sell-out shows all over the world their three-hour shows regularly include material from twelve of their thirteen studio albums, including many of the songs from their seminal 1969 album In The Court of the Crimson King, described by Pete Townshend, as an “uncanny masterpiece”. The new 7-piece line-up plays many historic pieces which Crimson have never played live, as well as new arrangements of Crimson classics – “the music is new whenever it was written”. There are also new instrumentals and songs, as well as the compositions by the three drummers, Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison and Jeremy Stacey, which are a regular highlight. A unique show, where seven of the best musicians in the world play music without distraction or adornment.
King Crimson is:
Robert Fripp
Tony Levin
Jakko Jakszyk
Mel Collins
Jeremy Stacey
Gavin Harrison
Pat Mastelotto
Tour dates:
June 4 - Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
June 5 - St. Augustine, FL - St Augustine Amphitheatre
June 6 - Miami, FL - Mizner Park Amphitheatre
June 8 - Orlando, FL - Dr. Phillips Walt Disney
June 9 - New Orleans, LA - Saenger Theatre
June 10 - Memphis, TN - Graceland Soundstage
June 12 - Cary, NC - Koka Booth Amphitheatre
June 13 - Portsmouth, VA - Union Bank Pavilion
June 14 - Philadelphia, PA - The Mann Center
June 16 - Glens Falls, NY - Cool Insuring Arena
June 18 - Boston, MA - Rockland Trust Pavilion
June 19 - New York, NY - Forest Hills Stadium
June 20 - New Haven, CT - Westville Music Bowl
June 22 - New Brunswick, NJ - State Theatre
June 24 - Huber Heights, OH         - Rose Music Center @ The Heights
June 25 - Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre
June 26 - Detroit, MI - Meadowbrook Amp
June 28 - Baltimore, MD - MECU Pavillion
June 30 - Vienna, VA - Wolf Trap
July 1 - Lewiston, NY - Artpark
July 5 - Chicago, IL - Ravinia
July 7 - Montreal, QC - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier - Palace des Arts
July 9 - Quebec City, QC - Festival d'ete
July 11 - Ottawa, ON - Bluesfest
July 12 - Rama, ON - Casino Rama
For more information:
(Of course ALL of this is subject to review as are ALL events in light of the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic.  Please check your local venues for the latest updates.)  kk


~JUNE 12, 2020~   ~PRE-ORDER HERE~
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame icons Deep Purple will release their 21st studio album Whoosh!, produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, on June 12 -- available as a Standard CD, a Digital Album, a Limited Edition CD+DVD Mediabook (including the 1 hour feature “Roger Glover and Bob Ezrin in conversation” and, for the first time, the full live performance at Hellfest 2017” video), and a Vinyl 2LP+DVD edition (earMUSIC).
Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse, and Don Airey were invited by Bob Ezrin to Nashville to write and record, during which the band were inspired to push their creative boundaries. Letting go of any artistic limitations, they adopted the motto “Deep Purple is putting the Deep back in Purple”. Whoosh! embodies that freedom, with lyrics that reflect their sentiments on the current situation of the world. “We’ve included everything that made the whole band smile, including Bob Ezrin,” exclaims Morse. “We’ve always enjoyed making music and having the incredible luxury of a loyal audience.”
Whoosh! marks Deep Purple’s third album produced by Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd). The first -- 2013’s Now What?! -- charted at #1 in five European countries, as well as Top 10 in over 15 countries worldwide. Cementing itself as one of their most successful albums, inFinite, released in 2017, broke chart records the band accumulated over their 50+year history. With chemistry this electric, it only made sense for Deep Purple and Ezrin to collaborate a third time.
“Another album?! Whoosh?!! Gordon Bennett!!!”
-Ian Gillan
One of the most important rock bands of all time, Deep Purple has built a legacy that is nothing short of immeasurable. The band continues to evolve and elevate the possibilities within hard rock, which is fully displayed on Whoosh!
“When the Deep Purple falls
Over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle
In the night…”
-Ian Gillan
Track list:
1.) Throw My Bones
2.) Drop The Weapon
3.) We’re All The Same In The Dark
4.) Nothing At All
5.) No Need To Shout
6.) Step By Step
7.) What The What
8.) The Long Way Around
9.) The Power Of The Moon
10.) Remission Possible
11.) Man Alive
12.) And The Address
13.) Dancing In My Sleep
Vinyl Side Split:
Side A: Throw My Bones / Drop The Weapon / We’re All The Same In The Dark / Nothing At All
Side B: No Need To Shout / Step By Step / What The What
Side C: The Long Way Round / The Power Of The Moon / Remission Possible / Man Alive
Side D: And The Address / Dancing In My Sleep

As a kid getting into ham radio while also listening to Clark Weber in the 1960s, I was loving the music and learning about electronics at the same time.  I never talked to Clark on the ham radio and am thankful to Mike Wolstein for passing along Clark's call sign. I hadn't found Clark in my old ham callbooks, but now I see his first name was Clarence.
And to fellow ham Jeff Duntemann, I still use my Kenwood TS-520 every single day.
Excellent coverage of Clark's career in FH last week, Kent. Great material from the other Clark, too. 
73,  David Lewis 

Feel like a return to normalcy is in order?
Let's celebrate the return of LAFOS --
hosted by a most AB-normal DJ -- me. 
Today, Saturday, 3/14 1-3pm WVKR. 
You know the drill, don't you? 1970 never sounded so good.
Welcome back, Sam … I can tell you that I TRULY missed your Saturday broadcasts while you were gone.  (Unfortunately, I also missed THIS one … but others who also didn’t have the pleasure of hearing it "live" can do exactly what I’m doing right now … and that is listening to the program in its entirety via this podcast link) …
Sam salutes February, 1970, on this week’s program … with some you know … and some you probably haven’t heard SINCE February of 1970!  (It’s LAFOS … The Lost And Found Oldies Show … and it airs EVERY Saturday afternoon … when Sammy’s in town, of course! (lol) on WVKR.  Sign up for podcast notifications and you’ll never miss an episode.)   
Looks like ol' Sammy is back!  (kk) 

As happens EVERY time I listen to Sam’s show, I made another great discovery this week … 
This week's choice track was “Back To Dreamin’ Again” by a guy named Pat Shannon, who took this track up to #76 in Record World in early 1970.  (It only managed to “Bubble Under” in Billboard at #103.)
What a GREAT track!  How was THIS one not a hit???  (I'll bet I've listened to this twenty times already!)
Hey, I’m a music guy … and I swear that not a show goes by without me finding something “new” and exciting to download. However, when I tried to find a clean copy to share, I swear that the one offered by iTunes sounded worse than some of my most worn-out 45’s!  So special thanks again to Tom Diehl, who came thru for us with a decent version to share.  (Looks like HE made a nice discovery here, too!)  kk
Nice song. I have not actually heard it before. Apparently there was also an LP, but I haven't got it. I put in an order for one on Discogs, though it may be a while before I actually get it. I hope the song is true stereo there.
Pat Shannon, real name Pat Glasser (brother of Dick Glasser), was born on March 17, 1941, and passed away in 2005. 
I also found a YouTube video which some of you guys out there may find isn't too hard to look at ... so if you haven’t already heard it, enjoy this week’s discovery with me here …
The Grass Roots also recorded this song (nowhere NEAR as "poppy" as this non-hit version featured here today.)  It was written by Kenny Nolan, who would have his own Top Five Pop Hit a few years later with "I Like Dreamin'".  (kk) 

Spring’s a-comin’ … and it’s time to start hearing about never seeing the rain. 
Luk R Yoo and friends get a view on this episode of “American Bandstand!”
Clark Besch

I love seeing our FH Buddy Alex Valdez introducing the rest of the band to Dick Clark and his audience … what a GREAT song!  (A #25 Hit in the Spring of 1967)  kk

That rope trick?  That may be the craziest magic that I've ever seen!  I need to send the link to a friend in Bisbee, Arizona, who lives directly upstairs over a space that he rents out to a local magician.  (I actually figured out ONE of his tricks, LOL ... but certainly not the other 10 or 12 tricks that he did!)
Is it just an accident that Dennis DeYoung titled one of his songs "East Of Midnight"?  I mean, he is from Chicago ... my memory goes back to the old days of my youth when WLS was still very much dayparted, and at midnight they went straight AC with their "East Of Midnight" show.  I'm not sure if I remember who hosted the show - was it Don Phillips?
Most radio listeners can't relate, because you have to be OLD to remember this, haha!!  But yes, I can remember when it was quite a challenge to find any rock and roll music on the radio on SUNDAY NIGHTS.  You didn't flip to WCFL because they weren't Top 40 yet, and if you stayed on WLS you didn't hear that music either. 
I was near Ann Arbor, Michigan in those days, and I remember more than once - well, regularly - that I'd find WYNR 1390 Chicago which was doing rock and roll on Sunday nights, and whoever ran the show did a darn good job.  Listening was a challenge, because of the background rubble from other radio stations in Youngstown, Syracuse, Jackson TN, etc.
Of course, it's long since become entirely easy to find music radio on Sunday nights.  Unless you're well over 60 years old, you don't remember it ever being otherwise.
But, now, the entire paradigm of everyday life has shifted dramatically in the time span of only one month which has only halfway passed.  Thankfully, I have my own job in my own home office, and that's been true for decades.  Furthermore, I'm in the preparation stage for my yearly cycle, which has me routinely hunkered-down and rarely going out for two or three months.  At least, for those purposes, the timing of all of this - while still awful - is the best it could have been.
Please stay safe, and remember to wash your hands - and, if you can find any, possibly consider picking up disposable gloves to wear whenever you go out.   
:-) (-:
[ALOHA ... the world's best word?  I invented this emoticon while in Oregon, October, 2019.   Not just a goodbye or hello, but an affirmation, and expression of love, an affirmation of your entire life...]
Frank Merrill
I love good magic … and I can’t make heads or tails out of all the things he did with that piece of rope!  (lol)  I’ve had magicians come up and perform literally at my table for a dinner show … close enough to rest my hands on their shoulders … and still blow me away and amaze me with their slight of hand.
Don Phillips is probably the guy most associated with the whole “East Of Midnight” banner at WLS … although if you check out the surveys I ran the other day, you’ll see that Clark Weber held down that post when he first joined the station, too.  (You were also more likely to hear easy listening tunes on Weber’s morning program, too … and probably even more when Bernie Allen took over at 10 am.)
Thank God for Internet Radio … the oldies live on with FAR more variety than you’re going to ever hear on terrestrial radio (with the possible exception of Me-TV-FM, of course!)  kk

I was a little surprised to see that Rewound Radio didn’t run a tribute to Clark Weber on last weekend’s Dee Jay Hall Of Fame Program … but Allan Sniffen (Mr. Rewound Radio himself!) told us that he just doesn’t have much in the way of Clark Weber airchecks in his collection … certainly not enough material to fill an entire show. 
So we made an appeal to our readers to submit what they had … and, while we didn’t get much of a response, FH Reader Clark Besch came thru with a TON of stuff …  but still not enough live broadcast material to fill the program. 
So since Clark’s material isn’t going to make the cut to run on Rewound Radio, we’re going to feature a couple of tracks that he saved especially for us to share here in Forgotten Hits as an exclusive.  (It’s a gem … even if the track itself isn’t, it’s fun to hear these two banter back and forth.)
I’ll let him explain:

Here's the exclusive I spoke of.  First, a set up by Clark and Screaming Wildman Carl Bonafede from the WLS 1985 reunion.  Carl calls in and asks Clark if he remembers or still has a copy of the record he made for Clark's morning show in 1966 to play.  Clark doesn't really, but Carl said Clark told him at the time that because it was a break-in record, he was not allowed to play due to copyrights.  It could have been that he just didn't think it air worthy, altho with Clark ...
Anyway, Carl goes on to say HE doesn't even have a copy anymore.  Well, some 35 years later, I am unveiling the lost 45 of "The Ups and Downs of Clark Weber" acetate 45 with a hand written label.  It's possible this is the only one in existence today.  It's not great, but Carl and Clark are BOTH legends of Chicago and it should be played again for the world to have and hold! 
Kent, hope you can use this as a Forgotten Hits "EXCLUSIVE"!!!!
Clark Besch

Hi Kent -
These certainly are 'trying times,' but a good time to listen to our favorite music!!!
Enjoyed seeing your "WCFL Big Ten Countdown" for March 16, 1970!!!
The #12 Record, 'THE RAPPER'  by THE JAGGERZ, brought back memories. One tune you NEVER  hear any more ...
Any info on them???
Hang in there and Keep Rockin' with  Forgotten Hits!!!
Funny … I guess it’s when and where you listen … I’ve heard “The Rapper” three times this week already!  Probably fitting since it was a hit EXACTLY fifty years ago.  (“The Rapper” topped the Record World Chart for two weeks in 1970 … and peaked at #2 on both the Billboard and Cash Box charts.)
While The Jaggerz never had another Top 40 Hit, their lead vocalist Donnie Iris had three Top 40 hits in the ‘80’s as a solo artist.  (“Ah! Leah!, #29, 1981; “Love Is Like A Rock,” #37, 1982 and “My Girl,” #25, 1982.  A couple of those even made our Top 3333 Most-Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All-Time List.)  Guitarist Don Garvin and bassist Robert Peckman went on to form the band Q and ad a #23 Hit with “Dancin’ Man” in 1977 … so HALF the band went on to have additional chart success after The Jaggerz disbanded.  (kk)

Hey Kent,
Thank You for the Eddie Holman experience this March 17, 2020
I had this song stuck in my head ALL day!!!  (kk)

Hey, Kent -
This ad turned up on the FB group page for Old Laurel (Mississippi) Memories. It’s for the “Where The Action Is” tour stop at the Laurel Civic Center on July 19, 1966. Check out the talent level on that bill. Lots of bang for the buck for a $3.00 ticket! Oh, baby, come on ...
- Larry Cave

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed the new ZZ Top documentary “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas.”  (Thank you, Bob Merlis, for sending this along!)  Bob also comp’d us tickets to see these guys at The Genesee Theatre last year (remember … back when they used to have live concerts) so this was a REAL treat … a VERY entertaining look back at their career … from the early formation years (there’s even footage of they guys BEFORE they formed ZZ Top) to the glory days where they became (by their own admission) “cartoon characters” … and the darlings of Music Television.  (The timing couldn’t have been better … and their videos are nothing short of legendary.)  HIGHLY recommended.  (kk)

Pick up a copy here:

And here’s a program I can’t wait to see!

I wanted to let you know about a brand new Ready Steady Go TV documentary that will be premiering in the UK on March 20th.
We've seen some of these music clips over the last half century in various documentaries ... and I know your UK viewers will be glued to their screens for this one.  (The program should be ready to view for Stateside music fans just after this broadcast.)
From a piece I did on this new program, here are a couple of quotes from Richard Williams, author, music journalist and former deputy editor of the weekly music newspaper "Melody Maker" in a 2020 email to me:
“On Friday nights in England in the 60s, you didn’t do anything until you’d checked out the music, the dances and the fashions on Ready Steady Go!, beamed live from a London studio.  You could see the Stones, the Beatles, the Yardbirds, Lulu, Donovan, Them, Sandie Shaw, the Who or the Animals playing to an audience as cool as they were. Jimi Hendrix and the Beach Boys made their first British TV appearances on RSG!. Visiting American soul singers were treated like gods. One entire show was devoted to James Brown, another to Motown artists: the Miracles, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder and Martha and the Vandellas, introduced by Dusty Springfield. The show had the greatest slogan: ‘The weekend starts here!’ And it truly did.”
Harvey Kubernik 
Dave Clark owned the rights to all of the “Ready, Steady, Go” programs for DECADES … and, from time to time, he would allow special programs to be licensed for home video release.  Those rights have since been sold to BMG … wouldn’t it be GREAT if some of this footage made its way back into the consumers’ hands!  (At one time or another, we’ve seen all of the commercial discs released … and there are some REAL gems to be found here.)
Can’t wait to hear more about when this program will start to air here in America.  (I’m thinking most likely on PBS, right, Harvey?)  Please keep us posted.  (kk)

And finally, this one TOTALLY cracked me up …

Perhaps the last word on “social distancing,” which seems to be all the rage of late … (although I imagine sometimes it really did feel like this there near the end!)  Special thanks to Chuck Buell for this one!

Chuck Buell offers up this Forgotten Hits reminder!
Remember to practice good Social Distancing!
CB (which stands for "Crosswalk Boy!")