Monday, October 11, 2021

A Monday Morning Quickie

Say What?!?!

The Rolling Stones have dropped “Brown Sugar” from their set list!

Explaining that they’ve performed the song now in every show for the past 50+ years, Mick Jagger says he just wanted to see what it felt like to give it a break.  (“We can always put it back in later if we choose to.")

Noise 11 states that “Brown Sugar” is the second most performed song The Stones have done in concert, behind only “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”  (I personally find it VERY hard to believe that ANY song could have been performed more times than “Satisfaction,” which now dates back as a concert staple for over 56 years!)

It just wouldn’t seem like a Rolling Stones show without these three classics, all #1 Hits.  (They did quite well on our Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs List as well … “Satisfaction” placed at #7 (behind “Gimme Shelter” at #5), “Brown Sugar” at #13 (behind “Start Me Up,” #10, and “Honky Tonk Women,” #12) while “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” came in at #54, behind “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” #35.)  In all, The Rolling Stones placed NINE songs on your Top 100 Classic Rock Favorites list … and “Miss You” finished just outside The Top 100, coming in at #102. 

“Brown Sugar” also topped our recent list of Favorite Songs from 1971 as counted down on Phil Nee’s “Those Were The Days” radio program a few Saturdays ago.  (kk)

UPDATE:  As this story circulated last week, both Mick and Keith Richards offered different explanations as to why the songs has been dropped temporarily.  (Some are attributing part of this decision to the “political correctness” of the times, pointing out that the lyrics and subject matter include a number of “scandalous topics” such as slavery and rape … while it’s title can be interpreted as a double entendre for oral sex and heroin.  Gee … that’s never stopped The Stones before!!!  But in this instance, there may be credence to them caving to the pressure.  Damn, that almost sounds like a “Let’s Spend Some Time Together” moment!!!)

In separate statements, Keith Richards said, when asked about the song being dropped from the set list …

“You picked up on that, huh?  I’m trying to figure out with the sisters quite where the beef is. Didn’t they understand this was a song about the horrors of slavery? But they’re trying to bury it. At the moment I don’t want to get into conflicts with all of this shit.  I’m just hoping that we'll be able to resurrect the babe in her glory somewhere along the track."

Meanwhile, Jagger said We've played 'Brown Sugar' every night since 1970, so sometimes you think, ‘We’ll take that one out for now and see how it goes.’  We might put it back in.”  (kk)


Thanks for displaying my sonic expedition soundtrack history of James Bond and this new reissue.  I always know that FH focuses on the music and sounds that inform(ed) our musical journey.

Plus, if we don't collectively tout Vic Flick, who will?


Harvey Kubernik  

Vic is something else, for sure … and his recording credits rank right up there with the best on BOTH sides of the pond.  (kk



Although I think Nancy Sinatra’s You Only Live Twice is a great record, my personal favorite Bond song is Sheena Easton’s For Your Eyes Only. Not only is the song terrific, but the visual opening of Sheena’s beautiful face is priceless.  (This is the only Bond film opening including the vocalist’s face … and what a face it is!)

I have seen Sheena several times in concert and For Your Eyes Only is always the finale and gets the biggest audience reaction.

Bob Verbos

Nothing will ever top “Live And Let Die” for me.  I’ve loved it from the minute I first heard it (when Macca performed it on his “James Paul McCartney” television special in early 1973, before it was even released as a single.

It’s another one of those songs that absolutely should have been a #1 Single (and it WAS, everywhere but Billboard it seems!)  It peaked at #1 in both Cash Box and Record World … but spent three weeks at #2 in Billboard, staved off by two of the lamest songs of ’73, “The Morning After” and “Touch Me In The Morning.”  It remains one of McCartney’s most-played songs on both oldies and classic rock radio … and came in at #40 in our own poll of The Top 3333 Most Essential Classic Rock Songs Of All-Time, as voted on by FH Readers and Rock Fans all over the world, ahead of his own “Band On The Run” (#57) and “Maybe I’m Amazed” (#71).  kk

By the way, I just ordered my copy of the new 2-CD edition.  (I have the 30th Anniversary Edition ... but that one ends with "The Living Daylights" and "License To Kill" ... it'll be nice to be brought up to date with the latest tracks from Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Madonna, Chris Cornell, Jack White & Alicia Keys, Adele, Sam Smith and right on up thru last week's "No Time To Die" by Billie Eilish.  (kk)

From Tom Cuddy …

We Have Some Questions About the Beach Boys and Monkees 'Good Vibrations' Cruise

Wait … you forgot about Joe Piscopo!!! 

Lineup - The Beach Boys Cruise

The Monkees thing really surprises me … I figured Nesmith was done with this for good once this current tour closed in November.  (On the other hand, I can see Micky going on doing this forever!  When The Monkees released their last album for Colgems in 1970, the group was just down to Micky and Davy … and the joke in the industry was that even after they eventually split up, ONE of them would release an album as “The Monkee!!!”)

Hey, this is a pretty good run for a group that supposedly never really existed!!!  They had their first hit record in the Fall of 1966 … that’s exactly 55 years ago.  For a group that was criticized at the time for not really playing their own instruments, they certainly got some mileage out of the act they provided, inspiring COUNTLESS musicians along the way to join or start a rock group.  The Monkees will live on forever (and in their youthful image, as well, thanks to the reruns still running perpetuity!!!)  kk

Speaking of The Monkees, Andrew Sandoval’s new, updated “Day By Day” book has finally shipped … and all I can say is WOW!!!  And I DO mean, WOW!!!  

This thing is absolutely MAMMOTH!!!  (There'll be no bathroom reading on this one!  You’d have to bring a tray table in their with you just to support the weight … it weights something like eleven pounds!!!  And is nearly 750 pages long in an oversized edition.  I swear, even if I committed to reading this every single day, it would STILL take me over a year to finish it!!!)

Andrew has set a new standard of excellence when it comes to group profiles … chock full of facts and figures and some of the most beautiful photography you’ll ever see.

It ain’t cheap … released in multiple formats (that just seems to be the way of the world these days!), the “stripped down,” “cheap” version will set you back a hundred dollars … and you can go up from there, tripling your investment if you order the deluxe edition.  But I haven’t seen ANY other books quite like this one … a VERY impressive and lovingly put together tribute to The Pre-Fab Four … four guys who were thrown together, clicked, and created a lifetime of memories for everyone whose paths they crossed.  WELL worth it.  (kk)

beatland books – small-batch books for the music connoisseur

Order Your Book – beatland books

And, since we're talking about The Monkees, here’s a nice interview with Micky Dolenz from Goldmine Magazine …

On The Road With Micky Dolenz - Goldmine Magazine: Record Collector & Music Memorabilia

Tina Turner is the latest artist to sell her back catalog to a major financial group.

In her own words, BMG now holds “the rights to my life’s work,” even though Turner will continue to record for Warner Brothers in the future.

The deal stipulates that BMG now owns the rights to her name, image and likeness for brand deals, merchandising, and more. Also included in the deal are the publishing and recording rights to Tina’s 10 studio albums, two live albums, two soundtracks and five compilation releases.

Tina Turner will be inducted (for the second time!) into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame later this month (October 30th), this time as a solo artist.  (kk)

Last week we shared with you the new Elton John / Stevie Wonder duet.  Now comes word that Elton and Ed Sheeran will also duet on a new Christmas single later this year.  (I haven’t heard this one yet … not even on The Lite here in Chicago, where they regularly celebrate The 36 Weeks Of Christmas.)  kk

The much ballyhooed Genesis reunion tour has been postponed after band members tested positive for Covid.

Wrapping up the European leg of the tour (with just four dates to go before heading over to The States), their October 8th concert in Glasgow, as well as their three shows in London scheduled for October 11th, 12th and 13th have all been postponed.  Plans are to reschedule these appearances (which, hopefully won’t push back any other scheduled dates down the road.)  Ironically, these four remaining shows had already been previously postponed from their 2020 dates due to Covid.  Genesis is scheduled to kick things off in the US on November 15th, right here in Chicago.  (kk)

Also running into a possible touring delay is Fugees, who are scheduled to kick off THEIR US Tour here in Chicago in November as well.

It seems that Pras Michel is currently under criminal indictment from the U.S. Justice Department as part of a long-running probe into an alleged political influence campaign involving a Chinese investment company.  As such, Michel was forced to surrender his passport as a result of these charges and ordered not to apply for or possess a passport or any other travel documents as the case continues to slowly wind its way through the legal system.  (Pras’ attorney, David Kenner, also confirmed that his client's passport has been confiscated, but told Billboard Magazine that he is working on getting it returned.)  Until this matter can be resolved, the International portion of their reunion tour sits in limbo.  (kk)

From Frank B …

Spotlighting Jon Bon Jovi … “One Of The Good Guys” …

Looking back at the big hits from this week in 1969 …

Radio Hits in October 1969: Gimme the Honky Tonk Blues | Best Classic Bands

Kudos to Rewound Radio on another great DJ Hall Of Fame program this past Saturday, spotlighting WFIL from the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s.

Each hour featured a different deejay … but the one that blew ME away was Dr. Don Rose. 

I wasn’t all that familiar with Don’s work but man, he just never stops!!!


I can’t even imagine coming up with that much rapid-fire material for one 3-4 hour show much less REPEATING this banter with fresh material on a daily basis. He’s got to be one of the most clever and unique jocks I’ve ever heard in this respect.


Now I know that throughout the decades there have been services that provide joke sheets for DJs to use on the air for a paid subscription price - but in one hour, he rattled off more than a month’s worth of material, so I’ve got to put all the credit into his own genius. Besides, I never saw a joke sheet yet that is half as good as what he’s already come up with today.


This was a great eclectic mix of music too for its time - THOROUGHLY enjoyed this week’s program.  Thanks again to Rewound Radio for sharing it with us.  (kk)


Forgotten Hits ... Ron Dunbar, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, 'Band Of Gold / Composers'

Forgotten Hits:  (' It Could Have Been' ...)


On a November night in 1959, Priscilla, wearing a navy-and-white sailor dress, traveled to Elvis' temporary home in Bad Nauheim. She immediately captured the star's attention, even when she admitted she was a ninth-grader. 

Elvis also told his friend Rex Mansfield that Priscilla was "young enough that I can train her any way I want." Elvis wanted Priscilla to visit again. The second time they met, he invited her to his room, where they kissed.


After Priscilla had been on four "dates" with Elvis, her parents said an in-person meeting was necessary. When it took place, Priscilla's Mother and Father asked why a star was interested in their teenage daughter. Elvis responded, "Well, I happen to be very fond of her. She’s a lot more mature than her age and I enjoy her company." The Beaulieus were charmed enough to allow Priscilla to keep seeing Elvis.


May 1, 1967, they were married in Las Vegas

February 1, 1968 — Daughter Lisa Marie was born, nine months after her parents' wedding

October 9, 1973 --- Their divorce was finalized 



1970 release

'Band of Gold'

Ron Dunbar, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, 

'Band Of Gold / Composers'


Now that you're gone 

All that's left is a band of gold 

All that's left of the dreams I hold 

Is a band of gold 

And the memories of what love could be 

If you were still here with me 


You took me from the shelter of my mother, I had never known 

Or loved any other 

We kissed after taking vows 

But that night on our honeymoon 

We stayed in separate rooms 


I wait in the darkness of my lonely room 

Filled with sadness, filled with gloom 

Hoping soon 

That you'll walk back through that door 

And love me like you tried before 


Since you've been gone 

All that's left is a band of gold 

All that's left of the dreams I hold 

Is a band of gold 

And the dream of what love could be 

If you were still here with me 


Oh, don't you know that I wait 

In the darkness of my lonely room 

Filled with sadness, filled with gloom 

Hoping soon 

That you'll walk back through that door 

And love me like you tried before 


Since you've been gone 

All that's left is a band of gold 

All that's left of the dreams I hold 

Is a band of gold 

And the dream of what love could be 

If you were still here with me 


Since you've been gone 

All that's left is a band of gold


L J 

L J Coon 

With a brand new book on The Carpenters due out next month, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from Richard Carpenter in the weeks to come.  (His version of their story dominates this new edition.)

FH Reader Tom Cuddy just sent me this headline ...

Richard Carpenter: Karen's Anorexia Had Her Lying Down Between Shows

I was supposed to receive my advance review copy of this several weeks ago but that still hasn't happened.  Still, I am anxious to read Richard's account of their career ... and Karen's behind-the-scenes struggles.

Honestly, I've never been a very big fan of Richard's take on their history.  While it's true that the family moved to California to give their son his best shot at a career in music ... and there is absolutely NO doubt how much impact his song selections and arrangements had on The Carpenters' success ... but the simple fact of the matter is that until Karen Carpenter stepped in front of a microphone and treated us all to her one-of-a-kind vocal talent, The Carpenters probably wouldn't rate so much as a foot-note in the history of pop music.

I'm curious to see how much credit he designates to Karen as opposed to how much credit he feels is "shared."  (kk)