Monday, January 10, 2022

1972 - January 7th - MINNESOTA

This week we travel to Minnesota where the top three songs on the survey are still "American Pie," "Brand New Key" and "Day After Day" ... although now Don McLean has taken over the top spot in the Twin Cities according to WDGY.

Notice how WDGY is showing "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" as a SHARED #8 record ... 

And Three Dog Night is represented by their NEW single, "Never Been To Spain."  (Last week's North Dakota Chart was still showing "An Old Fashioned Love Song" in The Top Ten.)

Once again, we've got quite a bit of diversity on this local chart as we see Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath sharing space with Van Morrison, Charley Pride (!) and The Partridge Family.  (Notice, too, the high-charting rank of The Guess Who's latest, "Sour Suite.")

I also like the Top Albums listings, showing the track from each that WDGY is playing ... again, everything from T. Rex, Grand Funk Railroad and Alice Cooper to Barbra Streisand and Anne Murray ... to Paul McCartney and Carole King ... and let's not forget the novelty album by Hudson and Landry!!!