Monday, August 1, 2022

1972 SURVEYS - July 30th - NEW HAMPSHIRE

Today's chart from WKBR, Big K-Boss Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, brings us to the end of our "N-States"s Trifecta.

(For the record, we've still got New Mexico coming up in October ... 

And had previously covered North Dakota and North Carolina ... in fact, North Dakota kicked this whole journey off back on January 3rd ... and North Carolina wrapped up the month of March.  Meanwhile, New York and New Jersey made THEIR appearances on January 31st and February 21st.  

With EIGHT states that begin with the letter "N," they're tied with "M" for the most different states beginning with the same letter.)  

You can scroll back to see ALL of our 1972 Charts ... our state-by-state journey has run every Monday in Forgotten Hits this year ... and will continue to do so until we wrap things up in Alaska on January 1st, 2023!

While a good chunk of this chart offers up the same old, same old, there are some interesting surprises as well.

For starters, we see "A Piece Of Paper" by Gladstone holding down the #4 position, up nine places from the week before.

This is one of those songs that we used to hear quite a bit on our "Soft Rock '70's" Stations here in Chicago ...  but it was never really much of a hit.  (It peaked at #38 in Cash Box and only got to #45 in Billboard.  Here in Chicago, it charted on WCFL only, and went to #22.)

We also see "Small Beginnings" by Flash in The Top Five.  This song has shown up on the last few charts we've looked at from all over the country ... yet only rose to #29 on the Billboard chart.  (That's OK ... New Hampshire's #10 record, "Tramp" by Sugar Bus, never charted nationally at all!!!)

We find Sonny and Cher in The Top 20 again with "When You Say Love."  (That makes several appearances of this one!)  Stories' hit "I'm Coming Home" (featured last week as a premier) is also represented ... and already on its way DOWN the chart, falling from #12 to #19.  And Chris Hodge, signed to Apple Records, also takes a tumble as his hit "We're On Our Way" falls from #9 to #20.

"Arkansas Breakout" ... "In The Quiet Morning" ... these aren't songs you typically expect to see on a Top 30 Chart.  (I'd throw Albert Hammond's "Down By The River" into that category, too!)

So all-in-all, a pretty interesting chart that allows us to stretch a little bit this week!