Saturday, August 6, 2022

Phil Nee - AUGUST 6th

Today we go back to the early days of rock and roll.  
Released originally in 1954,  Rock Around The Clock would eventually become a big hit a year after it was recorded after it was used in a movie.  
In the process, Bill Haley and His Comets became the hottest band in the land.  
Their bass player, Marshall Lytle, was there from the days when the group was a cowboy band through the time when they became movie stars.  
Marshall was my guest in 2001.

Marshall Lytle died in 2013.  He played the stand up bass at many shows and rockabilly celebrations after his days with the Comets. 
During our talk on WRCO,  he spoke about the group's history.

Rock Around the Clock was written by Max C. Freedman and Jimmy De Knight (a.k.a. James Myers.)  It was the first rock and roll song to reach number one.  
It was originally recorded by Sonny Dae and the Knights.  
James Myers told me that it was intended to be a Bill Haley song.  
James joined me on the phone in the late '90's.


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