Tuesday, May 24, 2016

45 Years Ago Today (5-24)

This is an example of the chart I would look at when buying my favorite records at Saffells in Richland Center. when I was growing up.  I used to get one every week.  The chart info came from Record City in Mequon, Wisconsin.  Later I believe it was Radio Doctors that supplied the charts to area music stores.  It is hard to believe that it was 45 years ago this month that this chart was posted.   
I think 1971 ranks as one of my favorite years for music.  I still think 1967 is tops.  '71 or '73 battle for second place in my humble opinion. 
It is awesome to think that this is a chart that I picked up after I cruised through the record bin and now it is being seen worldwide!  I look forward to seeing it posted.
Phil - WRCO

1967 was the year for me ... but there was some mighty good music released in 1971, too.  (1973???  Not so much!  lol)

Thanks to Me-TV-FM, we're hearing many of the tracks on this list on the radio again ... a WIDE variety of music from every era.  (I'll bet I heard at least a dozen of these within the last week alone!) 

I graduated High School in 1971 ... which would have put me right around this date, too, so this was a very special time in my life.  (see kk early '70's photo below!)  That means our 45 year High School Reunion is coming up right around the corner!  (Actually, I think I already saw an announcement about a September date!)

As for personal favorites, I'd be hard pressed to pick less than 40 out of the Top 80 ... wow!!!  A Top 80 Chart!!!  

I've featured a baker's dozen great tracks below ... some of which I'll bet you haven't heard in AGES!!!

Thanks for sharing, Phil!  (kk)