Saturday, May 28, 2016

Holiday Weekend Comments

It has been a VERY crazy week making daily postings impossible ... but I'm hoping to do a little catch up over the long holiday weekend.  (Besides working on my upcoming interview with Bobby Rydell, we've got a couple of shows scheduled this weekend and a family barbecue, too, weather permitting ... but we'll feed you what we can in the meantime, including today's short-but-sweet comments page and another SWEET 16 Feature tomorrow that you AIN'T gonna wanna miss!)  kk

Speaking of upcoming shows, Jim Peterik wanted us to let our midwestern readers know about a big show he's got coming up next week in Three Oaks, Michigan, on June 4th, at The Acorn Theater.  Jim will be performing selections from his brand new CD "The Songs", backed by a bluegrass band.  (Wait till you hear some of these interesting new arrangements.)   kk

Hi Kent! 
I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and help me to spread the word on my June 4 show at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Michigan.  This is a GREAT venue and only about an hour away.  I will be performing "The Songs" with the bluegrass band. 
"The Songs" featuring re-imagined versions of my biggest songs plus two new ones.  It was all done live in Nashville at the iconic Sound Emporium.
Could really use your help to sell this great theater out.  And it would be great if can come, too.  
Thanks man! 

We're not going to make it to this one, Jim, but we WILL be at the Crystal Lake show on June 25th at The Rau Center For Performing Arts ...more info here:

We would love to hear from fans able to attend either of these shows.
By the way, Jim also has a couple of Cornerstones Of Rock shows coming up with The Ides Of March and all the other great Chicagoland bands (The New Colony Six, The Buckinghams, The Cryan' Shames, The Shadows Of Knight, and a few other surprises) on June 24th at The Pantages Theater in Minneapolis, MN, and on September 3rd at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL.  (kk)

And we got this one from one of our readers this week ... when's the last time you saw this clip, Jimmy???  (k)  

Don't think I've seen this one posted by you before. 
Sammy Davis "getting' down" for sure. 

Kent ...
Mark your calendar ... this Friday, May 27, 2016, at 10:00 AM, Dan Taylor kicks off the Top 500 Countdown.
If you're in the New York area, you can listen live at 101.1 FM.  Others can listen at
Why should I be the only one who disagrees with the songs that were picked?
Frank B.

We're seeing a lot of good press about the brand new Monkees album out Friday (May 27th).
Here, you get to hear Micky, Peter and Mike talking about it ...

Speaking of reunions, check out these next three emails!

Hi Kent,
The Pittsburgh area's most prolific hit making band of the rock 'n' roll era, the 1967 - 1970 Shondells, will reunite on June 18th at the Hazlett Theater on the North Shore, as the Crystal Blue Band (band members Mike Vale and Eddie Gray are co-writers of the band's #1 Billboard hit and million selling single "Crystal Blue Persuasion"). Vale, Gray and Ron Rosman are joined by Mike Wipls, who replaces the late Peter Lucia on drums.
At a time when many of the biggest acts including The Beach Boys and Paul Revere and the Raiders were using session musicians to play on their records, this, the Shondells' most successful lineup, themselves recorded the group's second top ten hit, "I Think We're Alone Now," and every other one of Tommy James and the Shondells' fifteen chart singles until the group and James separated in 1970. Their other top twenty national hits include "Mirage," "Gettin' Together," "Mony Mony," the number one chart hit "Crimson And Clover," "Sweet Cherry Wine," "Crystal Blue Persuasion" and "Ball of Fire" (co-written by Vale). The Tommy James and the Shondells' recording "Sugar On Sunday" (co-written by Vale) was covered by the Clique and also became a national hit. Vale, Rosman and Gray appeared as the Shondells on many television appearances including twice on the Ed Sullivan Show, three times on American Bandstand and appeared on Hubert Humphrey's Presidential campaign. Vale and Rosman had originally become Shondells in April 1966, when their group the Raconteurs were chosen to replace the original iteration which had recorded "Hanky Panky" then broken up.
Our mutual friend Mitch Schecter of the Rip Chords posted on Mike Vales Facebook page "....To me, this is like The Beatles getting back together! Pennsylvania"s finest! History! Greatness"
Ed Salamon  

Photo one: Bottom row (left to right) The 1967-1970 Shondells: Eddie Gray, Mike Vale, Ron Rosman. Top, Peter Lucia

Photo two: Bottom row(Left to right) the Crystal Blue Band: Eddie Gray, Mike Vale, Ron Rosman. Top, Mike Wilps

Photo three: Flyer for the reunion show at the Hazlett Theater, June 18th

TONY ORLANDO: "Humbled" by Reaction to His Dawn Reunion   
They've remained friends "like family" and will share the stage for three shows this August. 
Tony Orlando says he's "very humbled" by reaction to his upcoming reunion with Dawn. 
The '70s hitmaker and long-time veterans advocate says that the idea to team again with Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent was hatched by the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania -- where he stages his annual Christmas shows. 
He explains, "One of their executives asked me, 'Would you mind if I got the girls [to work with you again]? Try doing it just for [us]?'" 
Telma and Joyce agreed to the August 10th and 11th shows -- even though both have busy solo commitments. Telma has worked non-stop in sitcoms over the last 30 years, while Joyce is a Christian and backup singer. And they've added a third date to their reunion -- August 15th at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. 
And while they haven't worked together steadily since the late '70s, Tony says the three have remained close friends, "like family." 
There's one more member of the Dawn family who'll be aboard for the reunion shows. Toni Wine, who wrote "Candida" and sang backup on that song and its follow-up, "Knock Three Times," has been a long-time member of Orlando's tour band. She's also been a close friend of his for "55 years. She asked me to introduce her to [music executive] Don Kirshner." She'll be on stage with Tony, Telma and Joyce for these three August dates.
-- submitted by Tom Cuddy 

SHA NA NA: Original Members Reuniting Next Week
Sha Na Na is reuniting -- for one night only.    
The band, whose first show was billed as "Grease Under the Stars", is returning to New York's Columbia University for one night only. 
Co-founder Henry Gross tells us that a planned concert by their current lineup has morphed into a reunion welcoming back all eleven surviving original members. 
The June 3rd private show at New York's Columbia University -- where the band formed -- seemed the ideal opportunity to welcome back former members, such as Henry, who later recorded the '70s surf-sound ballad "Shannon." 
Henry Gross on how the June 3rd show grew into a Sha Na Na reunion:
"That's where it started.  Jocko [Marcellino], who is one of the original members of Sha Na Na, is the current manager. And they just took this gig thinking it was going to be a Sha Na Na gig -- and then it turned into this other thing. It's sort of really perfect that it's at Columbia University, because that's where it started." 
A limited number of tickets for the show are available through the university. 
Henry Gross on the band's mission and how it found its name:
"Sha Na Na, if you think about it, was the first tribute band. It could have rolled off anyone's tongue. In the song, 'Get a Job' by The Silhouettes, 'Yip yip yip yip, boom, sha na na na na, sha na na na na na,' and it was actually a brilliant name. But the sad part was when we got a copy of the sheet music of 'Get a Job,' the original words were, 'Sha da da,' [chuckle]."
More information here:

As if there haven't been enough musical / celebrity deaths this year, within the past month we've also had to deal with death hoaxes surrounding acts like Little Richard and Connie Francis.  (We also received a report last week about the passing of Percy Sledge ... who died a full year earlier!)
Folks just seem obsessed with the way we're losing our musical icons.  (kk)

Speaking of which, check out this upcoming Dan Rather television special ...

And this upcoming PBS music special, too ...

I've been listening to "Toast And Marmalde For Tea", a track you posted a few days ago.
This song is really a chant, but one that I am drawn to. I find the melody haunting.
Googling the lyrics I find this:

Tin Tin – Toast And Marmalade For Tea lyrics
Toast and marmalade for tea
Sailing ships upon the sea
Aren't lovelier than you
Or the games I see you play

You more lovely than the day
When the sun is in your eyes
I see through your disguise
Or the games I see you play

(Repeat 2nd verse)

(Repeat 1st verse)

(Repeat 2nd verse)

(Repeat 1st verse)

(Repeat 2nd verse

Karma points? Have at it, then!
I think this is one of those records that was going for more of an overall sound than much more than that.  (Clearly the repetitive lyrics would bear that out!!!)  Hey, why write five or six verses when two will suffice?!?! 
The track was produced by Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees and has a very definite early '70's Bee Gees sound to it.  Band member Steve Kipner would go on to write a couple more memorable chart hits (with a little better lyric content) ... "Hard Habit To Break" for Chicago and "Physical" and "Twist Of Fate" for Olivia Newton-John. The Tin Tin hit "Toast And Marmalade For Tea" peaked at #15 in 1971 and, while long since forgotten by most, it has appeared regularly in Forgotten Hits over the years ... and now gets a fair amount of airplay on Chicago's Me-TV-FM, too.  (kk)

Been crazy here and have not had a chance to write, but I NEVER miss your reading your newsletter! Thanks from all of us musicologists out there!!
Mike De Martino 

Hi Kent, 
Love your site! 
Kind regards, 
Bauke de Vries

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