Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8th

Other big movers this week include "Love Bug, Leave My Heart Alone" by Martha and the Vandellas (#55 to #42), "The Cat In The Window" by Petula Clark (up 26 places from #75 to #49), "The Ballad of You And Me And Pooneil" by Jefferson Airplane, which climbs 30 spots from #81 to #51, "You've Got To Pay The Price" by Al Kent (#69 to #52), "Anything Goes" by Harpers Bizarre (#67 to #53), "Get On Up" by The Esquires (#72 to #56), "Little Ole Man" by Bill Cosby (#82 to #60) and "It Must Be Him" by Vikki Carr (#97 to #75).  

The Beatles first commence working on "Flying" (then called "Aerial Tour Instrumental"), some incidental music for their "Magical Mystery Tour" film.  According to Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn, the six takes recorded this evening bear little resemblance to the final released version. (One included a "jazzy saxophone recording at the end of the song" … another featured three separate organs, recorded and then played backwards, onto which John Lennon added a mellotron and all four Beatles overdubbed a scat chant.)

"Flying" was the first instrumental released by The Beatles for EMI.  (A John Lennon - George Harrison instrumental, "Cry For A Shadow", a tribute to the great British instrumental band that also backed Cliff Richard back in the day, was recorded during their first Hamburg recording sessions back in 1961)  "Flying" was also the ONLY released recording ever credited to all four members of the group, listed alphabetically in the writing credit as Harrison - Lennon - McCartney - Starkey.  

In New York City, The Young Rascals record "It's Wonderful," quite a departure from their "blue-eyed soul" sound of the past.  This one had a more contemporary psychedelic feel to it (which honestly didn't feel natural for the group.)  It would go on to peak at #12 for the group nationally (#20 in Billboard), breaking a string of three straight Top Five Smashes:  "Groovin'" (#1), "A Girl Like You" (#5) and "How Can I Be Sure" (#2).  It would also mark their last release as the YOUNG Rascals … future records would be issued under "The Rascals" name, including two more Top Five Hits in 1968, "A Beautiful Morning" (#2) and "People Got To Be Free" (#1), the biggest hit of their career (making "It's Wonderful" look even more like a bit of a misstep in the process.)  

The Doors perform at the Lagoon Park Patio Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Tropical Storm Beulah is upgraded to Hurricane status, ultimately becoming the second most powerful hurricane in history at the time.  Its devastating spree begins in full force today,  killing over 700 people (54 domestically) as it ripped through The Caribbean, Mexico and Texas.  Damages were estimated at in excess of over one billion 1967 dollars.  When it hit land in Texas, it spawned another 126 tornadoes, also one of the most devastating results of a hurricane on record.

(In light of the current wave of hurricanes ripping our country apart with a force far greater than Beulah today, this is an anniversary worthy of reflection.)