Wednesday, June 22, 2022

And Now That Summer Is Underway ...

FH Correspondent Chuck Buell has some great camping suggestions ...

Summer is now underway ... and for many Forgotten Hitters, that means "Camping Season!” 


And here are some Super Summer Specials from your in-resident Camp Ranger and Manager of the "Fantasy Forgotten Hits All-Purpose Store!" ... 


(aka Camping Boy??? - kk)


Pack up all your Camping Gear for your Outdoor Getaway in this Fabulous compact “Forgotten Hitters Camper Trailer!”  It’s Bigger on the Inside than it is on the Outside!











Once you're there and you’ve picked out your campsite, unpack, unfold and put up your “Forgotten Hits Volkswagen Bus” Design Camping Tent just like Kent's here! 









Find a good spot inside your tent for your cool "FHs Classic 60s Car Radio Design Turntable" and crank up your selected “Forgotten Hits for Camping” albums!













Then help your Forgotten Hitter Friends that have joined you pitch their “Forgotten Hits Volkswagen Bus” Design Camping Tent!














Next, take a quick well-deserved break by unloading and filling up your “Forgotten Hits Travel Size Solo Adult Swimming Pool!” You’ll soon be just as refreshed and relaxed as Kent is here!












After your Quick Dip, it’ll be time to turn your attention to the Kiddos by pitching their Truly Fun and Official “Scooby Doo Tent!!” 










Complete with their very own plastic “Fire-safe Toy Campfire!”











Then savor the Joy on their faces when you unload, pop the lid and fill their surprise “Forgotten Hits Travel Size Solo Kiddies Swimming Pool!” 










A little later while you’re cooking up your great Campsite Dinners, the Kiddos can play along with their very own plastic “Toy Grill, Accessories and Foodstuffs!” 












And for everyone’s Special Suppertime Serenade, it’s time to set up your “Forgotten Hits Camping Turntable!” 










After Dinner, the Kiddos can while away the evening with their very own "Inflatable Limbo Stick Set!" 












(How low can you go??? - kk)

Now, when you were originally packing your turntables for your Great Forgotten Hits Getaway, if you found you were short on space, you can instead use this Space-saving Palm-size “Mini Turntable!”   (I love it ... the MINI! - kk)









With Special "Compatibly-sized Forgotten Hits Records!"







And look at just a few of the Great Forgotten Hits that can actually be played on it!









“16 Reasons” by Connie Stevens! 






“Save the Last Dance for Me” by The Drifters! ) 






”Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins! )


Now before you end your day and all gather around the campfire, remember to set up and have ready to go for the next morning, your “Retro Design Forgotten Hits 3-in-1 Breakfast Express Station!”












Then to cut any night’s chill, put on your FH's evening Sweatshirt and you’ll be ready for your “Favorite Forgotten Hits Campfire Song Fest!”  












With this suggested “Forgotten Hits Campfire Starter Song List!”


'Barbara Ann' - by The Beach Boys

'Come And Go With Me' - by The Del-Vikings

'Pretty Little Angel Eyes' by Curtis Lee

'Blue Moon' by the Marcels

'Don’t You Just Know It' by Huey Smith & The Rhythm Aces

'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' by the Platters

Can't you just hear those Fun Sing Along Songs in your head right now?!

But afterwards, when your eyelids start to droop, before you retire for the night and lay your head on your favorite, comfy “Turntable Patterned Pillow . . . “



Don’t forget to store your food supplies securely! Clever Bears are well-known for stealing a campside’s provisions!




















And if you remember the Days when we would paint the Name of Our Cars on them, be sure to stop by the Forgotten Hits All-Purpose Store and have your picture taken with our Custom “Forgotten Hits Getaway Weekend Camping Car!”

Have a Memorable Forgotten Hits Good Time!


G’nite, Ever’body!


CB ( which stands for "Campsite Boy!” )


Oh.  One Final Thing.