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So we're exactly one week past its original "supposed to air" date ... and, truth be told, Chuck Buell and I are still both quite upset that his Father’s Day Gift-Buying Guide never made it to the FH Website last Friday Morning like it was supposed to … especially since we had each put a couple of hours work into the piece …


And that's why we’ve decided to run it today … 


Look at this as our post-Father’s Day Bargain Basement Close-Out Clearance Sale!!!  (Of course, none of these T-Shirts are real … but there ARE some very interesting concepts here, all courtesy of Mr. Buell)




Our Manager of the “Fantasy Forgotten Hits Gift Store for All Occasions,” and noted T-Shirt Designer, Chuck Buell, has informed us that our Special “Forgotten Hits Father’s Day Summer T-Shirt Collection” still has a few Great Choices available! (kk)

Hurry! Hurry! These T-Shirts won't last long!  ( And then the only good they'll be is to use them to wash your car or something. )


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Gifting any one of these Fine Forgotten Hits Tees will have YOUR Dads “Feeling Good All Over!”

CB ( which stands for T-Shirt “Cornucopia Boy!” )

I used to work with a guy who made and sold t-shirts with Bob Dylan song lyrics on them … a risky venture to say the least when it comes to things like copyright infringement …

But, incredibly, somehow Dylan caught wind of this, saw them, and then even ordered a few for himself!!!  He also gave him full permission to carry on.  So, you just never know what could happen.  (Meaning, CB, your two dozen designs just may lead you into the next chapter of your professional career!!!)  Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction! (kk)



(do you see what I did there???) 


Peter Asher - 60s and Beyond
A date at The Kate (theatre) to see Peter and Jeremy perform was changed up to a Peter Asher solo show after Covid hit once again. I have seen Peter's solo show, as well as Peter and Jeremy's double-up show, and it is just a no-brainer either way as to whether I wish to go. 

As with any of us, I could write an entire review about my feelings going back into concert viewing: the postponements, the financial struggles, the masks, the new safety precautions, the thrill of returning, the amazement of the positive impact on my life ... and there! I just summed it up and now I can get to the good stuff.

I am surrounded by a seasoned audience: Mark and Carol Lapidos, Charles Rosenay, Caswell Cooke and Ken (Michaels) and JoAnn Kassoff. This proves my point that Peter Asher is a class act. So many people return. This may change my review however, as I like to hear the reactions of newbies at each show. Hmmmm ... midway through the first act, I DO hear newbie reactions. The "What?," "OHHH," "Haha, that's good," and "I never heard that before" are coming through. So again, I am reminded that no matter where a performance occurs, there is always someone who is new to the show. Just like my classroom. Always someone who is new to what you have to offer. PLUS, it takes over 60 times for humans to hear something before it is truly embedded in their memories. I wish I had known that growing up. "MOM, I NEED TO PLAY THIS RECORD AT LEAST 60 TIMES BEFORE I TRULY KNOW IT! Honest!"

A clip from the 1953 production of 'Isn't Life Wonderful" starts the show with a 9-year-old Peter Asher beckoning us to follow him. In this case into his world growing up, continuing through a magical life in theatre, music and stage presentation. Jeffrey Alan Ross, as always, joins Peter adding dialogue and video to enhance the retelling of stories and the performance of the musical harmonies I just love. I want you to go see the show, so I will only give you a fly-over of what we had the pleasure to experience.

I have been much impressed with the video tributes that Paul McCartney and Micky Dolenz have incorporated into their shows. Peter Asher has been doing that with/for Gordon Waller for 10 years or so. I had forgotten just how striking (ok some would use the word "hot") Gordon was and adding his deep baritone to Peter's harmonies again validates my love of their time together.

Peter talks about the song writers who played a winning role in their success. People like Carole King, Buddy Holly, Del Shannon and that other one ... what was his name? ... oh yeah! Paul McCartney! 
The stories about John Lennon and Paul McCartney dip into their brilliance in writing songs and Peter can relate first-hand how and when several were composed. The TV shows that Peter and Gordon appeared on and the concerts they performed are exposed in still shots and video. Did you know Peter and Gordon performed on the same bill as The Rolling Stones? But neither one was the headliner? The headliner was (drum roll please) FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS! I do believe that things changed rather quickly after that. If you can find a viewing of Peter and Gordon on The Red Skelton Show doing 'In The Summertime' (You Don't Want My Love), WATCH IT! The most amazing dance performance of English gentlemen doing southern US hay dancing. Sorry Peter, I can't resist. The clip is to die for.

Jeffrey Alan Ross, from New Haven, CT (I got it in Jeff) is also from one of the incarnations of Badfinger, which is tied into Apple Recording, which is tied into Peter Asher, who is tied in to The Beatles and is Peter's Musical Director and because of all the connections I just stated was asked to perform Peter's favorite Badfinger song, 'Day After Day.'  This, along with all the other songs performed here live, was wonderful, lyrical, melodic. 
I loved hearing each and every song. 
Oh, so here is the set list:

500 Miles - Peter with Gordon on video
Crying In The Rain - Peter Asher and Jeff Ross
Paul McCartney doing original reel to reel of 'World Without Love'
Nobody I Know - Peter Asher and Jeff Ross
I Go To Pieces - Peter Asher and Jeff Ross
I Don't Want To See You Again - Peter and Gordon
Lady Godiva - Peter, Jeff and audience
True Love Ways - Peter with Gordon on video
As Tears Go By - Peter and Jeff
Day After Day - Jeffrey Alan Ross
World Without Love - Peter, Jeff and audience

This show was 2 1/2 hours long so there is SO much more I could tell you, but as I said ... it will mean so much more if you see it for yourself. The times from the 1950's to the present are all represented in a manner that is relatable to each of us.

I waited a day to write this as I wanted to hear Peter's radio show on Tuesday afternoon now that the school year has a break. His show 'From Me To You' is weekly on SiriusXm radio.  Two hours after that one, there was a premier performance of his new quarterly show. 'Tell Me Why,' in which he will be doing interviews. This first show was an interview with Olivia Harrison on her newly published book of poems to George. I have always enjoyed 'From Me To You' and the interview with Olivia on 'Tell Me Why' was very well done. Check out the radio shows and don't miss his theatre performance if it comes near you.

Jeremy, I missed you and I hope you are feeling better. See you next time.

Shelley J Sweet-Tufano
Peter Asher celebrated a birthday this week (#78) ... 
And Best Classic Bands reran this vintage interview with him, conducted by Jeff Tamarkin ...
Al Jardine (minus Carnie and Wendy) returns to Chicago's City Winery on August 29th, evidently right at the end of the Brian Wilson tour.
Our most recent experience with Al's concert at The Des Plaines Theatre was a rather sad one ...
But the last time I saw him at The City Winery, it was quite an enjoyable show ...
A new Stones documentary to be unveiled on Epix TV August 7th.
Clark Besch
Yes ...
This is the same UK Rolling Stones Documentary that we told you about a while back.  At the time, no deal had been made yet for a US airing (although we always knew it would happen eventually.)  It will now have its official US premier on the Epix Channel on August 7th.  
Split into four one hour episodes, each hour will be spent spotlighting a solo Stone (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood.)  The films will show exclusive home movies taken by each of the band members and share unique perspective from each of them on what being a Rolling Stone is all about.  (In fact, the title of the program is "My Life As A Rolling Stone!")  Definitely worth checking out! (And SO glad that they were able to get all of this on record before Charlie left us.)  kk
Good interview here with Howard Kaylan, founding member of The Turtles, who celebrated his 75th birthday earlier this week ...
OMG.  I just checked the Global Charts.  "Running Up That Hill" is the #1 song in the whole world!  Maybe this will start trend.
Ed #1
The oldies seem to be all around us again.  I heard a commercial featuring "One Thing Leads To Another" several times the other night ... definitely sounded like The Fixx until the vocal came in!  (lol)  But still, what a GREAT track ... and certainly one of my favorites from the '80's.  (kk) 
Soulful Blues Legend JUNIOR WELLS Shines On New Compilation Of Vintage Singles!

Junior Wells is a towering figure among blues legends, the kind of multi-talented artist that would signal the direction of modern soul and R&B for generations to come. Wells was a thrilling performer, a mesmerizing harmonica player, and a captivating vocalist who blended numerous styles of soul, gospel and even early rock as can be heard on the very first sides that Wells cut in the mid-‘50s including “Cut That Out,” “Lawdy! Lawdy!” and “Tomorrow Night.”

These singles as well as Wells’ incredible run of late-‘50s and ‘60s singles, some of which still remain his most identifiable songs including "Hoodoo Man," "Lovey Dovey Lovey One," "Messin' With The Kid" and more, are being collected on a fantastic new compilation entitled Blues Legend. Set for release on July 8th, this collection will be available as either a 2CD package or a gorgeous 2LP vinyl set. Both come packaged with detailed personnel listing and extensive liner notes written by music critic and historian Dave Thompson. The audio has been digitally remastered to give these classic tracks the highest fidelity sound possible.

Check out the track “Cut That Out” along with a rousing video that has been created in anticipation of the release.

Stream/download the single:

Watch the video:  (this one's a whole lotta fun! - kk)

Buy the CD/VINYL:

Stream/download the digital:

Loved CB's assessment of summer tunes through the years. Later on in life, one might consider him to be IN THE SUMMER OF HIS YEARS (1963-1964).