Sunday, November 22, 2020


GREEN ACRES (#33 in 2013) 

C’mon … who out there doesn’t love THIS one??? 

(And apparently more than ever before, as the theme to GREEN ACRES moves up from #33 in 2013 to #18 in 2020!)

Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor were perfectly matched as Oliver Wendell Douglas and his lovely wife Lisa. (Heck, this show even made a star out of Arnold Ziffle … his neighbor’s pig!!!) 

Very cleverly written, it kept the down-home, homespun feel of its counterparts, The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction … even sharing some of the same characters from Hooterville (or Hootersville if Lisa was talking … I always thought they had gotten over the CBS censors with that one!!!) Between the train and Sam Drucker’s store … ranch-hand Eb, Mr. Haney, Fred Ziffle (Arnold’s caretaker!) and Hank Kimball, it was enough to keep this craziness on the air for six seasons! 

Another theme song sung to perfection by the series' stars!