Sunday, November 22, 2020


THE JEFFERSONS (#24 in 2013) 

One of those “Feel Good” themes … 

How can you NOT feel “up” after hearing this one? 

(In fact, it’s almost impossible to sit still and not sing along!) 

It finished at #24 in 2013 … so it's up a few notches this time around. 

Spun off from “All In The Family,” “The Jeffersons” proved to be quite successful on its own, lasting for ELEVEN seasons (and two Lionels!!! Lol) 

Some of George Jefferson’s best moments came opposite Archie Bunker … 

But Sherman Hemsley proved that he could more than handle his own as a successful businessman. (Maid Florence Johnston was a pure delight … Marla Gibbs was ultimately given her own show ... yet ANOTHER spin-off … 227.) 

Here’s a song that should have been a hit on its own … 

Mucho props to JaNet DuBois who wrote and sang the shit out of this ditty!